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10 Usefull PHP Libraries You Should Know About

It is an exciting time to be a PHP developer. There are lots of Usefull PHP Libraries released every day, and with the help of Composer and Github, they are easy to discover and use. Here are 24 of the coolest that I’ve come across. Your favorite is not on the list? Share it in the comment section!

ImageWorkshop – Image Manipulation with Layers

ImageWorkshop is an Open Source library that lets you manipulate images with layers. With it you can resize, crop, make thumbnails, add watermarks and more. ImageWorkshop is developed to make easy the most common cases for manipulating images in PHP. Here is an example:

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Snappy – Snapshot/PDF Library

Snappy is a PHP5 library that allows you to take snapshots or PDFs of URLs or HTML documents. It depends on the wkhtmltopdf binary, which is available on Linux, Windows and OSX. You use it like this:

Keep in mind that calling external binaries might not be allowed by your hosting provider

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Goutte – Web Scraping Library

Goutte is a library for scraping websites and extracting data. It provides a nice API that makes it easy to select specific elements from the remote pages.

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Ubench – Micro Benchmarking Library

Ubench is a micro library for benchmarking your PHP code. It monitors execution time and memory usage. Here’s an example:

It would be a good idea to run these checks only while developing.

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Validation – Input Validation Engine

Validation claims to be the most awesome validation engine ever created for PHP. But can it deliver? See for yourself:

With this library you can validate your forms or other user-submitted data. In addition, it supports a wide number of existing checks, throwing exceptions and customizable error messages.
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Upload – For Handling File Uploads

Upload is a library that simplifies file uploading and validation. When a form is submitted, the library can check the type of file and size:

This will save you lots of tedious code.

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HTMLPurifier – HTML XSS Protection

HTMLPurifier is an HTML filtering library that protects your code from XSS attacks by using a combination of robust whitelists and agressive parsing. It also makes sure that the resulting markup is standards compliant.

The best place to use this library would be when you are allowing users to submit HTML which is to be displayed unmodified on the site..
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ColorJizz-PHP – Color Manipulation Library

ColorJizz is a tiny library that can convert between different color formats and do simple color arithmetic. For example:

It has support for and can manipulate all major color formats.

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PHP Geo – Geo Location Distance Library

phpgeo is a simple library for calculating distances between geographic coordinates with high precision. For example:

This will work great in apps that make use of location data. To obtain the coordinates, you can use the HTML5 Location API, Yahoo’s API (or both, like we did in the weather web app tutorial).

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ShellWrap – Beautiful Shell Wrapper

ShellWrap is library that allows you to work with the powerful Linux/Unix command line tools in PHP through a beautiful syntax:

The library throws exceptions when an error occurs in the command, so you can act accordingly. It also can pipe the output of one command as the input of another for even greater flexibility.

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