Source for information on coprocessor: A Dictionary of Computing dictionary. An example of a coprocessor is the Intel , which is a math chip designed to. The intel is a microprocessor introduced by integrated circuit Intel SX Math Coprocessor, Olympus Micro. Retrieved on. I"m not entirely sure that the "DX" stood for math copro or not. .. They sold a SX coprocessor to "add" the coprocessor to an SX system.


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Note that this is a different kind of difference between the SX and 80487 math coprocessor versions than is the case with the ; the SX and DX both had no coprocessor and the SX had narrower data and address buses than the DX.

The DX and SX have the same bus widths.

Nonetheless, specialized units remain popular away from desktop machines, and for additional power, and allow continued evolution independently of the main processor product lines.

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Multiprocessingthe use 80487 math coprocessor two or more CPUs within a single computer system Torrenzaan initiative to implement coprocessor 80487 math coprocessor for AMD processors OpenCL framework for writing programs that execute across heterogeneous platforms.

The coprocessor extends the set of instructions available to the programmer. These properties make the x87 stack usable as seven freely addressable registers plus a dedicated accumulator or as seven independent accumulators.

The dx had full floating point support included. The SX math coprocessor is software-compatible with the DX math coprocessor. It is software-compatible 80487 math coprocessor the SX and DX microprocessors.

As I remember it: Since the coprocessor on a took up the majority of the space of the entire 80487 math coprocessor, and if an individual die had a problem, it would most likely based on percentages be a flaw in the coprocessor section.