Outlaw has ratings and reviews. Duckie said: This is not the worst Robin Hood novel I've ever read (that would be Scarlet), but it is the worst. Series By Angus Donald; Books By Angus Donald The Outlaw Chronicles. 8 books in this series. Outlaw. from: $ #1. Holy Warrior. from: $ #2. Buy Outlaw (Outlaw Chronicles) Later printing by Angus Donald (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.


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Foreshadowing generally means you drop one or two lines, maybe at the end of a chapter, indicating that something terrible is about to happen.


Foreshadowing does not mean you write lines like: By that point I'm not even mildly curious, Angus donald outlaw just annoyed. The characters are a study in contradictions, and not in a good way.

Outlaw (The Outlaw Chronicles, #1) by Angus Donald

The novel is told in flashback by Alan Dale, now in his sixties, regarding a period of his life in his early teens. Alan's most memorable feature is that he thinks angus donald outlaw status of his penis is the most interesting part of the story, and angus donald outlaw constantly providing the reader with updates.

This is not unusual for Alan the thirteen-to-fifteen year old boy. What's odd is that Alan the sixty-something year old man telling the story still thinks his pubescent penis is the most interesting part of it.

One would think that after a lifetime spent as a storyteller and traveling minstrel, Alan would have grasped that a play-by-play of the state of his dick is not something his audience has much interest in.


Alan the sixty-year-old man also repeatedly brags about the various pranks he pulled in his early teens, but it's unclear why this is since they're not particularly inventive and he's not that swift in coming up with them. At one point when a boy seated next to him at dinner every night angus donald outlaw steals food from his plate, it takes Alan several days to come up with the idea of putting something in the food that would make the boy angus donald outlaw stealing it.

This is angus donald outlaw the first thing most teenagers would think of, and it would probably take them less than five minutes. Other characters in the novel are little more than one-dimensional. Alan describes the Sheriff as "sibilant," "whining," speaking with a "lisp," and wearing "lavender-scented" cologne.

Really, Donald, if you were going to go that angus donald outlaw, you could have just called him Pansy McLimpwrist and saved us all a block of pointless homophobic descriptions. Probably the oddest choice in characterization is Robin Hood himself, since angus donald outlaw barely in the novel.

He breezes in and out of Alan's life every year or two, he seems to enjoy violence as a sort of "Godfather" figure, and That's all we really know. Holy Warrior Arrows will fly. And the Holy Land will never be the same.

The Outlaw Chronicles Series by Angus Donald

Richard the Lionheart has launched his epic crusade to angus donald outlaw Jerusalem from the cruel Saracens. Richard the Lionheart is bound for England. But with all the princes of Europe united against him… can the greatest warrior in Christendom make it safely home?