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Laravel 5.5 – Login & Register using username

login with username - laravel 5.5

In laravel, the default registration/login form doesn’t include ‘username’ field.  Fortunately, Laravel’s authentication implementation makes easy to use ‘username’ field in registration  & login. Lets start by updating the users table to include a username field: [crayon-5a31f866699de502128247/] Open the newly created migration file and modify the up  & down method like this: [crayon-5a31f866699e7232965752/] Now, open up your User model , …

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Javascript Floating Point Problems


[crayon-5a31f8666c7ec982904489/] Why does this happen? 0.1 +0.2 is equal to 0.30000000000000004. What you need to know is that all JavaScript numbers are floating points represented internally in 64 bit binary according to the IEEE 754 standard. We can use toFixed() and toPrecision() to resolve this problem. but we should know the concept of numbers …

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Self-Signed SSL Certificate Warning

ssl error

An SSL certificate is required to allow a web application to serve HTTPS traffic. Usually, a self-signed SSL certificate is enough to implement HTTPS. Modern browsers present an error, pointing out to the user that the SSL certificate is not trusted (because it is not in the set of trusted …

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Install And Setup CPanel On A Linux Server

install cpanel whtm

What is CPanel? cPanel is the most popular Linux based hosting control panel used in the web hosting industry. It simplified the normal system administration tasks to such an extent that even a non-technical end user can do the basic things all by themselves via web based interface with single click …

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Get .onion Domain Up and Running

We will quickly go over a few points though just to clarify. Lets start with .onion domains. Basically what a .onion domain is, is it is a pseudo top level domain which is used for anonymous surfing on the Deep Web via the Tor network. The .onion domain is a …

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Alternative spellings: crypto currency; crypto-currency. Plural: cryptocurrencies. Informal: crypto; cryptos. What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a modern form of digital money. It uses cryptographic techniques to replace the need for a central issuing authority with a network or peers who are able to perform the same functions. The first successful …

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The term ‘wallet’ is used in Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, for any software which the end-users uses to interact with the Bitcoin network, for example to make a payment or sign a message with their address. The name is an analogy, making the comparison to a physical wallet …

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