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He tries to analysis everything by logic.

Humayun ahmed new books 2012

And his all calculation goes to the end bangla books humayun ahmed mysterious activities. In the concluded point of the article titled best ten popular books of Humayun Ahmed, I can frankly say you that if you like Humayun Ahmed writing, then you must love these books which are on the list of 10 popular books of Humayun Ahmed.

Since the birth of this new country, Humayun Ahmed has been at the forefront of popular literature in defining who we were as a people, what was unique about us as a nation.

His literature defines us and sets us apart from the literary tradition bangla books humayun ahmed West Bengal. In many ways, Humayun Ahmed rebels against any classical or even modern pattern of Bengali prose language. He just breaks it all to incorporate the colloquial Bangla we speak, which has brought the people of Bangladesh even bangla books humayun ahmed close to his literature.

Of course, we have had phenomenal writers like Akhtaruzzaman Ilias shaping our literary tradition, but no one has managed to become as popular and been read so widely by the mass population as Humayun Ahmed.


This is precisely why this man is worth analyzing. He sets the popular idiom for the Bangladeshi middle-class.

Humayun Ahmed

His construction of femininity, romance, and sexuality, thus, on one hand, represents the Bangla books humayun ahmed middle-class construct, and shapes and creates it on the other. This man is also worth studying as a literary phenomenon because it really takes a lot more than just popular jargon to make millions laugh and cry.

To be quite frank, I think this man is bangla books humayun ahmed genius and his genius lies in being able to communicate dreams, wonders, and emotions to such a huge audience relentlessly over the past decades. In his recent book, Kichu Shoishob, he wrote: However, this realization seems sporadic and almost very sudden.

90+ Humayun Ahmed Books Pdf Free Download

Bangla books humayun ahmed appears just in one line and then disappears. In the majority of his writing, however, the gender binary is rendered totally unproblematic, universal, and romantic. Take, for example, his famous Misir Ali debut Debi. The main protagonist of the novel is a girl named Ranu whose psychological trauma is diagnosed by Misir Ali to be rooted in an experience of childhood sexual abuse.

Ranu believes that the deity in the temple, where she was taken by the molester, had saved her. She believes that the deity now lives inside her, which causes her to see, smell, hear, and sense strange bangla books humayun ahmed.

Know Thy Neighbour: Aruni Kashyap on Humayun Ahmed – alalodulal

She also possesses telepathic abilities to communicate with others, an ability she would later use to save a friend. Even though Misir Ali attempts to bangla books humayun ahmed the problem, it somehow remains unresolved in the novel. Ranu dies at the end trying to save her friend.

The book does not take a critical approach to the issue of child abuse, rather romanticizes and mystifies it by setting it bangla books humayun ahmed the context where the deity had transferred its power into the little girl, after which the girl became immensely beautiful.

In the novel Ranu is only 16, whereas her husband is a bangla books humayun ahmed in his mid-forties. A feminist critic of Debi would certainly pinpoint that the actual reason behind Ranu's neurosis was probably the uneven match that she was stuck in, where she must have been forced to face sexual intercourse.

Being married to a man with such a big age difference must have also reminded Ranu of her early experiences of sexual abuse. bangla books humayun ahmed

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Neither Humayun Ahmed nor Misir Ali, however, seem to mind Ranu being set in an arranged marriage with a man old enough to be her father. It seems Humayun Ahmed has a fixation on young girls.

Best of Humayun Ahmed (31 books)

In this writing he also comes across as very puritanical when it comes to issues of sexuality. It is a most common theme in all his novels to find very young girls falling in love with men at least ten, sometimes even twenty, years bangla books humayun ahmed than themselves.

The purity and emotional overtones of the young girl is where Humayun Ahmed locates the idea of prem.