There are numerous marketing concepts which are used by marketers as a reference in the marketing field. Some of these marketing concepts. Basic Marketing Concepts. Marketing Mix: or the famous 4 Ps: Price, Place, Product and Promotion. Market: a group of potential buyers. Consumer: the person who consumes the product or service. Target Market: the group of consumers a business desires to have as customers. Although marketing encompasses a broad set of concepts and techniques, there are a number of basic elements that tie all marketing concepts together.


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Place - Place deals with all distribution and location aspects of a product.

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  • 3 Basic Marketing Concept Ideas
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How and what are the basic marketing concepts available to consumers? These may include assortments, channels, coverage areas, locations, and inventories.

Promotion - Promotion is any and all efforts by a company to make publicize a product and make the consumer aware of it.

Elements of Basic Marketing Concepts

basic marketing concepts Efforts might include advertising, personal selling, sales, public relations, or internet activities. Basic marketing concepts marketing mix should only be determined after a target market is determined.

Marketers can strategically insert keywords on specific pages on the website to increase search engine listing success. Landing pages are often used as registration pages for events, webinars, newsletters etc.

Principles of Marketing - Basic Concepts and Fundamentals | ToughNickel

The size of the payment is usually basic marketing concepts by bidding on keywords. In other words; The aim is to sell what the company makes rather than making what the market wants.


Such aggressive selling program carries very high risks. This is usually very poor and costly assumption. Products or services developed in this way have a much higher chance of success, and basic marketing concepts concept underlies virtually every element of marketing in the 21st century.

Consumer Psychology All elements of marketing are driven by consumer psychology and behavior. Marketers have learned that consumers can be influenced in a number of ways to make specific purchase decisions, and a desire basic marketing concepts a product or service can actually be kindled in a consumer who would otherwise have no such desire.

These approaches of a company peg what kind of marketing tools they can and will use in a business. Marketing concepts are formed through a clear objective that incorporates cost efficiency, effectiveness, and social responsibilities in a target market.

As previously described, the marketing concept is a business philosophy that keeps in mind that long run profitability is best accomplished through concentrating company activities towards satisfying the needs of a specific target market.

Basic marketing concepts market concept, on basic marketing concepts other hand, creates suitable market intelligence as connected to present and future consumer needs, as well as the relative capabilities of the competition to satisfy those needs. This article basic marketing concepts highlight the types of marketing concepts, specifically the production concept, the product concept, the selling concept, the marketing concept, and the societal marketing concept.

The discussion will show how concepts of marketing have evolved, leading to the marketing concept that is mostly used by all companies to date — at least those companies that want to survive and thrive in their industries.

Five Marketing Concepts Explained with Examples

A very basic, but good introduction to marketing management by Prof. Notably, not all these marketing concept types work for all industries, because they differ in function. Every basic marketing concepts concept was created depending on the need of the market.

As markets changed, so did the concepts. The Production Concept Companies that use the production concept have the basic marketing concepts that customers primarily want products that are affordable and accessible.

The production concept is based on the approach that a company can increase supply as it basic marketing concepts its costs. Moreover, the production concept highlights that a business can lower costs via mass production.

Major Marketing Concepts You Need to Know

A company oriented towards production believes in economies of scale decreased production cost per unitwherein mass production can decrease cost and maximize profits. As a whole, the production concept is oriented towards operations.

Three basic marketing concepts involve creating basic marketing concepts message, branding and positioning.