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Best PHP Frameworks basis on Popularity

In a small survey  held open for the some week ago or so (which has also been mentioned in PHP Weekly),  asked some questions to decide which frameworks deserve our attention in 2014 the most. The prerequisite for participation was merely having experience in more than one framework, seeing as it’s pointless to ask someone what their favourite bar was if they’ve only drunk in one place.

Unfortunately, a big percentage of the answers had to be discarded due to people either refusing the notion that WordPress and similar suites aren’t frameworks, or simply due to a blatant disregard of instructions – many responses were written by people who only ever worked in one framework. While their enthusiasm for this framework of choice is noteworthy and admirable, the final result which may end up being skewed by such approaches could hardly be called objective.

Results summary

After discarding the invalid responses, and manually verifying every participant, we were left with the following data:


According to the results, the most promising frameworks for 2014 seem to be:

Yii and CodeIgniter seem to be sharing 4th place.

After weeding out the obvious spam, the Laravel results had to be filtered the most, by far. Over half the people who voted for Laravel had zero proof of proficiency, or experience only with Laravel, and had to be discarded – despite this, it still prevailed.

When looking at the answers, on average, the Laravel community seems to mostly favor the ease of entry – virtually no learning curve. Whether that’s good or bad is a discussion for another time, seeing as we ended up in this “PHP is bad” mess mostly due to a horde of newbies considering it an easy to enter market, but the excellent documentation, large scale community support and speed of development definitely work in its favor. Another frequently mentioned advantage seems to be an active and impressively alive IRC channel where help is given instantly.

source : http://www.sitepoint.com/best-php-frameworks-2014/

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