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What is SEO ?

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation in 2016 is a technical, analytical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. Its primary function is to drive more visits to a site that convert into sales. The free SEO tips you will read on this page will help …

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Hire ME To Review Your Website

What is a SEO Audit, and How Can It Help Your Business? A technical SEO Audit should clearly highlight the changes that need to be made to your website to meet Google’s demands for a ‘high-quality’ website. We provide that type of analysis, and you can buy a report online. …

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How to set up an FTP server on Ubuntu

Setting up a fully-functional and highly secure FTP server on Ubuntu is made very easy with a handful of key components and a couple minutes of your time. From anonymous FTP access, root directory restrictions, or even fully encrypted transfers using SSL, this tutorial provides all the basics you’ll need …

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Top 4 Screen Video Recorders for Linux

Screen Video Recording is a a difficult job on every OS. Linux has it really bad however today I will show four free as in beer and freedom screen recording programs for Linux. 1) Record my desktop Record my desktop was the first main screen recording program released for Linux. It has …

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ADB Android Studio Ubuntu ERROR : Unable to detect adb version, adb output

While developing android app using android studio, I got this error: [crayon-5ab3b7642e10f308150021/] This happened only for 32 bits linux platform. The Android SDK Platform-tools Rev. 23.1.0 doesn’t support 32 bits. Some explanations are given (and asked) here : https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?can=2&start=0&num=100&q=ubuntu&colspec=ID%20Status%20Priority%20Owner%20Summary%20Stars%20Reporter%20Opened&groupby=&sort=-id&id=196866 [SOLUTION : Downgrade /platform-tools folder] Download this arch. : https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/platform-tools_r23.0.1-linux.zip Go to …

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PHP and MySQL: Calculating Distance

When you’re finding the distance between 2 places on earth (as the crow flies), a straight line is really an arc. This is applicable in air flight – have you ever looked at the actual map of flights and noticed they are arched? That’s because it’s shorter to fly in …

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Social Sharing Urls

Social sharing button loading is an extra overhead on your blog? Well, it should not be in any case. Number of WordPress Plugins out there may not have best way to load different java scripts for social sharing buttons and it may slow down your site page speed. Slow loading …

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Cross-Origin Resource Sharing – CORS

Introduction APIs are the threads that let you stitch together a rich web experience. But this experience has a hard time translating to the browser, where the options for cross-domain requests are limited to techniques like JSON-P (which has limited use due to security concerns) or setting up a custom …

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file modes

PHP FILE MODE Comparisons Mode Description Cursor Position File Not Exists File Exists File Creation r Read Only Beginning Warning – No r+ Read + Write Beginning Warning – No w Write Only Beginning Create Delete & Create Empty Yes w+ Read + Write Beginning Create Delete & Create Empty …

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