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Camera and Video Control with HTML5

Being able to access the camera within the browser without using third party software is an incredible advancement.  Paired with canvas and a bit of JavaScript, the camera has become quickly and easily accessible.  Not only it the camera accessible, but since canvas is ultra-flexible, we’ll be able to add …

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What’s new for designers & developers, July 2016

Here in what’s new for designers and developers, we’ve included productivity apps, email marketing apps, notetaking tools, CSS frameworks, UI kits, remote work resources, startup resources, color tools, and much more. Almost everything on the list this month is free, with a few high-value paid apps and tools also included. …

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Top 4 Screen Video Recorders for Linux

Screen Video Recording is a a difficult job on every OS. Linux has it really bad however today I will show four free as in beer and freedom screen recording programs for Linux. 1) Record my desktop Record my desktop was the first main screen recording program released for Linux. It has …

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Telepathy, How to Develop Telepathy ?


Telepathy (from the Ancient Greek, tele meaning “distant” and pathos or -patheia meaning “feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience”) is the purported transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction. The term was coined in 1882 by the classical scholar Frederic W. H. …

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Top10 Free and Open Source CRM

What is CRM ? Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. …

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60+ Useful Payment APIs Across 12 Segments

api segments

Braintree Braintree’s Partners APIs provides users with an integrated way to start accepting payments using the Braintree payments gateway. The API allows users to sign up seamlessly from within applications and get instant approvals so merchants can easily receive the credentials on a user’s behalf, basically everything required to process …

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