Ceratozamia mexicana var. robusta (Miq.) Dyer Distribution: Belize (Cayo, Stann Creek, Toledo), Guatemala (Alta Verapaz, Petén, Quiché, Huehuetenango. Ceratozamia robusta Plants Ceratozamia Species Ceratozamia robusta is a medium-to-large-sized cycad native to Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico, growing. Welcome to the famous Dave's Garden website. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.


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Height of stems can be up to 6 feet. Several of my largest specimens are over 13" in diameter.

Ceratozamia robusta - Wikipedia

Stems can be solitary or branching at the base. Leaves grow very upright to ceratozamia robusta arching, with a height of 12 feet. The petiole of the leaf is heavily armed with spines. Ovoid-cylindrical, bluish-green cm long, cm wide, ceratozamia robusta broadly exagonal, Peduncle c 15 cm long, woolly.


Female cone splits open at maturity. Ovoidal, 25 mm long, 20 mm wide, creamy white becoming brown as they ages. Plants from the forests of Belize ceratozamia robusta Guatemala are the largest of all and often have crowns of relatively lax leaves.

Those from Veracruz are smaller and less vigorous than other ceratozamia robusta and those from Chiapas fall somewhere in between" Bibliography: Major references and further lectures 1 V.

Downloaded on 17 January L, "World List of Cycads: Wikipedia, Ceratozamia robusta Free Encyclopedia, 24 Jul. Earle "Ceratozamia robusta" The Gymnosperm Database http: Leaves dark green, semiglossy, cm long, flat not keeled in section, with leaflets; vernation straight; rachis not or slightly spirally twisted; petiole cm ceratozamia robusta, armed with prickles.

Ceratozamia robusta Plants - Ceratozamia Species

Leaflets not clustered, lanceolate, symmetric, broadest below middle, falcate, concolorous, thick or leathery; margins recurved; median leaflets cm long, mm wide.

Pollen cones brown, ovoid-cylindrical or ceratozamia robusta ovoid-cylindrical, cm long, cm diam. All sales are limited ceratozamia robusta items available in stock at the time of your purchase and are subject to prior sale.

If an "Add to Cart" ceratozamia robusta is not present, the item may not be in stock.

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This cycad will flourish in low-light situations ceratozamia robusta given an open, moist soil and occasional applications of fertilizer during the growing season. Because of its large size and generally very spiny stems, C. Growth is ceratozamia robusta good even when planted in bright or sunny areas.

Closer to the coast, or in subtropical, humid environments.