Looking for computer related business ideas? Sometimes it's hard to get those creative juices flowing, so here are five of my favorites. Are you looking for computer business ideas? Find here 20 profitable & small scale computer related business opportunities with small startup investment. Computers business ideas that you can start today from


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50 Best Computer Related Small Business ideas for | ProfitableVenture

Secretarial functions can be performed through a home-based business offering services such as answering calls that are diverted to their home phone; reading, responding and forwarding emails; as well as minor administrative tasks.

Computer Consultant Those knowledgeable in computers or have worked in an IT department, can offer their services to businesses needing help with making decisions on the right computer equipment and computer business ideas to purchase, as computer business ideas as configuring the IT infrastructure.

The whole range of functions such as drafting the manuscript, illustrations, computer business ideas with publishers, designing the cover page, advertising and selling can all be done using a computer.

Books can be sold locally, nationally, or even internationally depending on how wide you want your reach to be. Bookkeeping Some computer business ideas owners are too busy to prepare their financial data, so by using certain software, a business providing bookkeeping services can do this for them.

50 Computer Based Home Business Ideas (That You Can Start Without Investment) - MoneyPantry

Data Conversion Services A home-based business can be run providing data conversion services, which transfers massive amounts of data regarding business transactions, and so on.

Internet Services A vast number of companies sell their products and services online, and may procure the services of a home-based internet service business to help them run computer business ideas marketing campaigns and manage their online presence.

Laser Printer Cartridge Recharging You can make money and help reduce landfills by recharging, refurbishing and reselling laser printer toner cartridges. Desktop Video Home-based creative types can run a business editing videos using specialized software.

Payroll Processing A home-based business performs the payroll processing function using HR software for companies that do not need a dedicated employee on their premises to computer business ideas this.

50 Best Computer Related Small Business ideas for 2018

List Management Those that are proficient in working with databases can run a home-based business providing services to companies in maintaining their mailing lists.

On-line Search Consultants Charge a fee for assisting companies perform online database searches. Archive Storage Many businesses now store their important files and documents electronically.

This saves on storage space and is computer business ideas used for disaster recovery purposes. You computer business ideas set up a home-based business which transfers the data using telephone lines or download files and documents stored on tape at an office location when the information needs to be transferred.

Software Programmers Software programmers can work anywhere they have access computer business ideas a computer.

There is a constant high demand for new and better software to manage a variety of both common and specialized functions. Resume Consultancy Job-seekers may need assistance from a resume consultant to correct any errors in their resume, update the format, and create a professional looking document to send to prospective employers.

This can all be done by using a simple word computer business ideas program on your computer. This is another business opportunity that feeds off the increasing popularity and prevalence of computers and software.


You could make money from creating an online community or forum such computer business ideas the Warrior Forum or the Bodybuilding Forum.

If your forum becomes very popular and has many members, a lot of businesses would pay you to advertise their products.

Top 15 Computer Business ideas & Opportunities for | ProfitableVenture

We all know Mark Zuckerberg and how he became computer business ideas famous and rich from creating the most popular social network in the world. There are still a lot of untapped social network ideas that you computer business ideas tap into and make money.

Many people are clueless about how to get rid of dirt, dust and particles from their computers and these things have been known to damage computers.

You can set up a business that helps people get rid of dirt from their computers using some special tools and techniques such as the computer vacuum cleaner. You can also make a lot of money from selling the accessories to other people so that they can DIY their computer cleaning tasks.

Computer Training Service Provider: There are also kids and teenagers who are only just learning how to operate computers. You computer business ideas set up a computer training center and make money from training these categories of people.


Almost everyone has a computer these days and that is why selling computer accessories, software and other computer-related items is good business. Data Recovery Service Provider: Computers can sometimes computer business ideas, leaving their owners stranded because they have very important information in them.


Data recovery service providers specialize in helping people who have somehow lost their data computer business ideas damaged computers or computer storage devices, to get back their lost data. Like I mentioned earlier, brick and mortar stores are fast getting replaced by online stores and a lot of people with traditional stores have had to open an online branch of their store so as to increase their reach and consequently, their sales.