Five centuries on, it's hard not to miss how little has changed in India's counter-insurgency paradigm: Even today, planners depend on. The Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJWS) in Vairengte, Mizoram, India is a training and research establishment of the Indian Army specialising in unconventional warfare, especially counter-insurgency and guerrilla on‎: ‎Vairengte, Mizoram, India. Oldest among these insurgencies is the Naga insurgency, against which the Army started counter-insurgency operations as early as the s. Yet like most other conventional armies in the world, the Indian Army treats counter-insurgency as secondary to its primary duty of defending India from external threats.


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Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (India) - Wikipedia

Maoist losses declined steadily year on year. Then, intwo states registered sharp upticks in offensive Maoist operations, while figures for the others remained static: Chhattisgarh saw a jump from 36 to Maoists killed, while numbers of police lost declined from 41 to 35, and Odisha saw killings of insurgents rise from 11 to Counter insurgency in india is no known means that makes counter insurgency in india dysfunctional forces perform miraculously well inside a year.

In Chhattisgarh, killings of individuals unconnected or tenuously connected to the insurgency are reported to have led to a resurgence of support to the Maoists.

Importantly, the information campaign has to be conducted at a global, regional and local level — because modern insurgents draw upon global networks of sympathy, support, funding and counter insurgency in india.

Similarly, too much security assistance without political consensus or governance simply creates more capable armed groups.

Counter-insurgency - Wikipedia

In developing each pillar, we measure progress by gauging effectiveness capability and capacity and legitimacy the degree counter insurgency in india which the population accepts that government counter insurgency in india are in its interest.

In each case, we seek not only to establish control, but also to consolidate that control and then transfer it to permanent, effective and legitimate institutions.

The first, and absolutely indispensable, thing to do is throw overboard 99 percent of the literature on counterinsurgency, counterguerrilla, counterterrorism, and the like. Since most of it was written by the losing side, it is of little value.


Regardless of whether the child started counter insurgency in india fight or how well armed the child is, an adult in a fight with a child will feel that he is acting unjustly if he counter insurgency in india the child and foolish if the child harms him; he will therefore wonder if the fight is necessary.

Van Creveld argues that "by definition, a strong counterinsurgent who uses his strength to kill the members of a small, weak organization of insurgents — let alone the civilian population by which it is surrounded, and which may lend it support — will commit crimes in an unjust cause," while "a child who is in a serious fight with an adult is justified in using every and any means available — not because he or she is right, but because he or she has no choice.

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The guiding principle of the strategy for our whole resistance must be to prolong the war. To protract the war is the key to victory.

Why must the war be protracted? If we throw the whole of our forces into a few battles to try to decide the outcome, we shall certainly be defeated and the enemy will win.

On the other hand, if while fighting we maintain our forces, expand them, train our army and people, learn military tactics In an attempt to find lessons from the few cases of successful counterinsurgency, counter insurgency in india which he lists two clear cases: Once such superior intelligence is gained, the counterinsurgents must be trained to a point of high professionalism and discipline such that they will exercise discrimination and restraint.

Through such discrimination and restraint, the counterinsurgents do not alienate members of the populace besides those already fighting them, while delaying the time when the counterinsurgents become disgusted by their own actions and demoralized. General Patrick WaltersBritish commander of troops in northern Ireland, explicitly stated that his objective was counter insurgency in india to kill as many terrorists as possible, but to ensure that as few people on both sides were killed.


In the vast majority of counterinsurgencies, the "forces of order" kill far more people than they lose. In contrast and using very rough figures, the struggle in Northern Ireland had cost the United Kingdom three thousand casualties in counter insurgency in india alone. Of the three thousand, about seventeen hundred were civilians No more than three hundred were terrorists, a ratio of three to one.