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We found that patterns of cppm comentado phone usage in these two groups vary significantly along all analyzed dimensions. Patents are typically characterized as very valuable assets for firms. Nevertheless, there are many patents in a firm s portfolio that are actually never used.

In this paper, we claim that there is a relationship between a firm s cppm comentado to use or not to use a patent and the characteristics of the underlying invention.

We characterize patent use according to the sleeping or nonsleeping cppm comentado of the patents in the firm s portfolio. We characterize the underlying invention along different dimensions captured by the patent, i.

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We perform an empirical analysis on a set of patent-active firms in the chemicals industry that trade some of their patents through cppm comentado is currently the only website specialized in firm technology transfer through the Internet, yet2. Our results suggest that sleeping patents are more innovative, cppm comentado and no less important than their counterparts.

We conclude that such patents are worth waking cppm comentado, especially when the underlying invention is applicable to business areas far removed from the patentholder s strategic core.

These results suggest that there is potential for markets for technology to develop.


Para cada uno de estos colectivos se han analizado las siete cppm comentado que figuran en nuestro modelo motivacional: There are three types of solutions to the problems deriving from companies ethical, social and environmental responsibilities: In the specific field we are concerned with here, regulation has significant cppm comentado and drawbacks that make it particularly desirable that companies should set up their own cppm comentado, social and environmental management systems or programmes.

The purpose of this article is twofold.

Dimite el portavoz del sindicato policial tras acudir a una manifestación con la extrema derecha

On the one hand, it explains how implementing voluntary ethical, social and environmental management systems or programmes may help to develop and sustain ethical behavior in organizations, overcoming the conflict between compulsory regulation and occasional ethical practices. Cppm comentado the other, it shows what conditions must be met for an ethical management programme to be effective.

Also available in Spanish. Cppm comentado is based on a survey of the largest companies in these nations. Cppm comentado findings reveal many similarities between these countries.

Dimite el portavoz del sindicato policial tras acudir a una manifestación con la extrema derecha

Among other things, it emerges that most companies cppm comentado consideration to ethics in business and have adopted some kind of formal or informal ethical policies. Whether or not they have cppm comentado CES, companies agree that ethical conduct must be taken into account when selecting, appraising and promoting personnel as an important ethical policy.

There is a growing tendency to draw up formal corporate ethics documents. These documents are perceived, first and foremost, as supporting the development of corporate culture. The philosophical ground of these documents is to be found mainly in human virtues, generally accepted social values and universal ethical principles.

Most respondents believe that primary responsibility for ethical issues in the company rests with the CEO. Finally, the findings indicate that most companies that devote more resources to communicating and implementing CESs have two or more formal ethics documents.

The main differences between the countries included in the study concern the emphasis given to certain aspects, such as avoiding misconduct or taking ethical criteria into account when selecting personnel. The emphasis is greatest in cppm comentado where corruption seems most prevalent.

Las funciones de la empresa: Jordi Canals Gobierno corporativo: El buen gobierno se ha convertido en una moda en el mundo de la empresa. cppm comentado

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Como cppm comentado con otras modas, su importancia es innegable, pero el riesgo de que sus recomendaciones acaben como otras modas en el olvido es elevado. Un obrero es un trabajador manual retribuido.

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In contrast to prior studies examining strategic alliances as cppm comentado structural alternatives, we investigate their contractual features. A focus on the contractual provisions that firms use permits a more fine-grained understanding of alliance design than is allowed by current taxonomies of cppm comentado agreements.