Sandro Mezzadra teaches the History of Contemporary Political Thought at the Sandro is the author of works such as Diritto di fuga: Migrazioni, cittadinanza. Mezzadra, S. Diritto di fuga: Migrazioni, cittadinanza, globalizzazione, Verona, Italy: Ombre corte. Mezzadra, S. 'The right to escape', Ephemera. Understanding ExtractionSandro Mezzadra (Università di Sandro Mezzadra (Università di Bologna) Among his books: Diritto di fuga.


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Contemporary Capitalism, Social Struggles, and the State. Abstract In recent years the question of extraction has been tested by several critical investigations of mega-mining projects, fracking, extensive agriculture in many parts of the world.

Sandro Mezzadra

Mezzadra and Neilson approach the border not only as a research object but also as an epistemic framework. Their use of the border as method enables new perspectives on the crisis and diritto di fuga mezzadra of the nation-state, as well as powerful reassessments of political diritto di fuga mezzadra such as citizenship and sovereignty.

Foucault's works have had a massive influence on postcolonial literatures, particularly in political science and international relations, and several authors of this book have themselves made significant contributions to that influence. While Foucault's thought has been inspirational for understanding colonial biopolitics as well as governmental rationalities concerned with development, his works have too often failed to inspire studies of political subjectivity.


Instead, they have been used to stoke diritto di fuga mezzadra myth of the inevitability of the decline of collective political subjects, often describing an increasingly limited horizon of political possibilities, and provoking a disenchantment with the political itself in postcolonial works and studies.

Working against the grain of current Foucauldian scholarship, this diritto di fuga mezzadra underlines the importance of Foucault's work for the capacity to recognize how this degraded view of political subjectivity came about, particularly within the framework of the discourses and politics of development, and with particular attention to the predicaments of postcolonial peoples.

The colonial imprint of modern universalism lies precisely in this movement of translation, and there is a structural affinity between modern universalism and capital from this point of view.

The instability of global capital finds here one of its most important roots: It is a geography crisscrossed by lines of conflict and relations of power, by a multiplicity of borders diritto di fuga mezzadra which huge divides in the distribution of wealth correspond.

Diritto di fuga mezzadra its increasing complexity makes more and diritto di fuga mezzadra difficult to make sense of it using fixed categories of centre and periphery, North and South. Modernity is not anymore synonymous with the West, and the defeat of the US unilateralism in Iraq has something to say about the crisis of old-style imperialism.

Global capital itself is not necessarily Western in its composition. This is not the path we have to follow. In a way we have to accept the full deployment of the logic of capital on a world scale, we have even to accept — to put it provocatively — the becoming-world of the West under the dominance of capital, we have to carefully map the new antagonisms that crisscross this process.

Spaces in which a new world can be invented: Space and Time of Global Capitalism Time and space have been indeed crucial to the discussion of globalization.

The Contested Politics of Mobility: Borderzones and Irregularity - Google Книги

To put it simply: And it does not address the crucial problem of the production of these coordinates. Sovereignty and law have been in modern times the two basic criteria of definition of a political space Galli Put very shortly, Ong points to the fact that the stretching of market powers does not correspond to a homogenization of labor control and worker politics.

But it also gives us a hint as to the complex structure of global time. At stake in that distinction is precisely a question of different historical times: While real subsumption refers to a situation in which capital itself directly organizes the mode of labor and cooperation, producing a kind of synchronicity between the time of capitalist diritto di fuga mezzadra and the time of production, formal subsumption points to a different situation: Formal diritto di fuga mezzadra points therefore to a situation in which a peculiar temporal disjuncture inscribes itself in the structure of capital.

Far from being a relic of the past, formal subsumption reproduces itself and crisscrosses real subsumption in the age of global capital.

Sandro Mezzadra — Università di Bologna — Home Page

Once again the problem we are diritto di fuga mezzadra with is to make sense of the articulation between the two different forms of subsumption, of their translation into the unitary language of value.

More generally, it is the radical heterogeneity of global space and time that makes articulation and translation strategic moments in the concept itself of global capital, interpreting this concept as the hallmark of the capitalist determination of the world we live in.

I would suggest that a basic logical operator of articulation and translation can be seen in the border.


But we need to stress the fact that borders themselves are sites of deep transformations that are reshaping the very institution of border.