Dragon Magazine - pdf, , KB. file, Dragon Magazine - pdf, , KB. file, Dragon Magazine - pdf. Dragon # Dragon Magazine Issue jpg. Author, Roger E. Moore. Series, Dragon Magazine. Publisher, TSR. Publication date, Sep, Media type. Series: Dragon Magazine. Series by cover. Works . Titles, Order. Dragon Magazine # Vol. 1 No. . 4 (September ) by Kim Mohan, Dragon.


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As the main component of a small tent or lean-to. It may not keep the rain out well, but snow, hail, and wind will be warded off somewhat.

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Unlike using it for a disguise, this can be used to enhance ones appearance, not to cover it up. As a makeshift saddle on a stolen horse. To keep that stolen horse warm at night in the wilderness. In a particularly cold climate, mold it dragon magazine 101 shape and let dragon magazine 101 freeze to form a makeshift toboggan.

As a summer grass-sliding toboggan.


A white blanket can be used to surrender or to call dragon magazine 101 a parley, or it can be painted or stitched to approximate a real flag. Darker blankets can be made into pirate colors with white paint or stitchery.

A plain brown or gray blanket-flag may just foster confusion, dragon magazine 101 could accidentally be reminiscent of an ogrish battle-banner.

To cover nettles, barbed wire, or other pointy or scratchy impediments. Multiple blankets or alternating a pair of blankets can make a pathway.

Also useful at picnics; if the picnic runs long, the blanket can be converted to other uses, such as 35, 45, and Folded dragon magazine 101 to form a pillow for sleeping on. Folded repeatedly to form a pillow which can be used as a silencer for a gun. As a cape to dragon magazine 101 at charging bulls.

Thus, any color blanket will work, as long as the user remembers to stand aside and let the bull pass through the blanket, not through his own midsection. As a decorative wall-hanging patterned blankets are best dragon magazine 101, possibly concealing a secret door, a safe, a peephole, a trap, or some other surprise.

Dragon Issue - A Collection of Dave Trampier's Wormy

As a surface dragon magazine 101 display portable wares on. To provide some discretion when enjoying a private moment with an attractive royal ward. Hung over a clothes-line it can form a room divider. As a dragon magazine 101 fortune-telling implement.

The adept or charlatan could learn to read omens in the folds formed when it is thrown to the ground. As a gag for a talkative prisoner. Filled with gunpowder and various pointy things, with a strip cut off and soaked in a gunpowder solution before being dried to form a wick, it could be used as a relatively weak bomb.

Vintage Dragon Magazine # RPG Game/Sci-Fi Gaming/TSR D&D/Fantasy/S&S | eBay

In a modern-era setting, if the pointy things are all ordinary household items, the bomb may even be able to pass through an airport x-ray machine without any questions being asked.

As a fake flying carpet for sale to a gullible novice adventurer he dragon magazine 101 better be gullible, because even a mage with a levitation spell will have trouble explaining away the blankets plain, threadbare, and definitely dragon magazine 101 appearance.

As the primary material component in the manufacture of a real flying carpet. Unfortunately, a poor quality blanket will make a poor quality flying carpet. As a makeshift stretcher, either by holding the corners or by cutting holes along the edges and inserting sturdy poles in them.

The stronger the blanket, the better.