A Dream Play, fantasy play in 14 scenes by August Strindberg, published in Swedish as Ett drömspel in and first produced in Presented as a dream. Abstract-The author discusses with the help of diagrams the thematic structure. Strindberg's drama A Dream Play, in which she finds two dominant themes. One. In the last of them, "The Dream Play," Strindberg has worked out a form that is wholly new and wholly his own. As the play in question forms part of this volume.


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But one consciousness rules them all: He does not judge or acquit, he merely relates; and because a dream is usually painful rather than pleasant, dream play strindberg tone of melancholy and compassion for all living creatures permeates the rambling narrative.

The play itself dream play strindberg center around a single well-defined individual, but rather simply follows someone who seems to be a combination of different professional men, all confused.

The feminine foil to these men is Indra's Daughter, dream play strindberg Christ-like figure played in the original production by Harriet BosseStrindberg's ex-wife. Psychology of the author[ edit ] Strindberg wrote it following a near-psychotic episode. During that time, he came to be extremely disturbed, thinking witches were dream play strindberg to murder him.


Eventually, though, he recovered, thanks to his mother-in-law. This affected his view of the overall relationship between the sexes, and of course his writing.


He finally realized that he was playing a part in his failed relationships after his third marriage to Dream play strindberg Bosse collapsed. The officer is a high-ranking military officer and teacher.

A Dream Play Summary -

As the action of the play progresses, he changes from a youthful, effervescent, well-groomed soldier to an aging, weary, unkempt derelict as he hopelessly spends a lifetime waiting for his dream lover, the opera singer Victoria. Restless and self-pitying, he is constantly irritated by the dream play strindberg and repetitiveness of dream play strindberg but continues to hold on to the romantic notion that love will cure all ills.

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