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Ebook Universal Religion Revisi.pdf

But there is no difficulty in admitting that Christian legends and Christian art may have entered northern India from Bactria and Persia, and have found a home in Muttra.

Only it does not follow from this that any penetrating influence transformed Ebook kang santri gaul thought and is responsible for Krishna's divinity, for the idea of bhakti, or for the theology of the Bhagavad-g?

The borrowed features in the Krishna story are superficial and also late. They do not occur in the Mahabharata and the earliest authority cited by Weber is Hemadri, a writer of the thirteenth century.

Hinduism and Buddhism, An Historical Sketch, Vol. 3 (of 3) by Charles Eliot | Engl Classics to Read

Allowing that what he describes may have existed several centuries ebook kang santri gaul his own date, we have still no ground for tracing the main ideas of Vaishnavism to Christianity and the later vagaries of Krishnaism are precisely the aspects of Indian religion which most outrage Christian sentiment.

One edition of the Bhavishya Purana contains a summary of the book of Genesis from Adam to Abraham[].

Though it is a late interpolation, it shows conclusively that the editors ebook kang santri gaul Puranas had no objection to borrowing from Christian sources and it maybe that some incidents in the life of Krishna as related by the Vishnu, Bhagavata and other Puranas are borrowed from the Gospels, such as Kamsa's orders to massacre all male infants when Krishna is born, the journey of Nanda, Krishna's foster-father, to Mathura in order to pay taxes and the presentation of a pot of ointment to Krishna by a hunchback woman whom he miraculously makes straight.

In estimating the ebook kang santri gaul of such coincidences we must remember that they are ebook kang santri gaul casual details in a long story of adventures which, in their general outline, bear no relation to the life of Christ.

The most striking of these is the "massacre of the Innocents.

Hinduism and Buddhism, An Historical Sketch, Vol. 3 (of 3) by Charles Eliot | Engl Classics to Read

So if ebook kang santri gaul has been borrowed from the Gospel account it is only the general slaughter of children. The mention of a pot of ointment strikes Europeans because such an object is not familiar to us, but it was an ordinary form of luxury in India and Jud?


The fact that both Nanda and Joseph leave their homes in order ebook kang santri gaul pay their taxes is certainly curious and I will leave the reader to form his own opinion about it. The instance of the Bhavishya Purana shows that Hindus had no scruples about borrowing from the Bible and in some Ebook kang santri gaul dialects the name Krishna appears as Krishto or Kushto.

On the other hand, whatever borrowing there may have been is concerned exclusively with trivial details: This is perhaps the place to examine a curious episode of the Mahabharata which narrates the visit of certain sages to a region called?

Ebook Universal Religion

The episode occurs in the? The king and his priests were angry, but three sages called Ekata, Dvita and Trita, who are described as the miraculous offspring of Brahma, interposed explaining that none of those present were worthy to see Hari.

They related how they had once desired to behold him in his own form and after protracted austerities repaired under divine guidance to ebook kang santri gaul island called?

It was inhabited by beings white and shining like the moon who followed the rules of the Pancaratra, took no food and were continually engaged in silent prayer. So great was the effulgence that at ebook kang santri gaul the visitors were blinded.

It was only after another century of penance that they began to have hopes of beholding the deity. Then there suddenly ebook kang santri gaul a great light.

The inhabitants of the island ran towards it with joined hands and, as if they were making an offering, cried, "Victory to thee, O thou of the lotus eyes, reverence to thee, producer of all things: They were convinced, however, that the deity had appeared to his worshippers.


A voice from heaven told them that this was ebook kang santri gaul and that no one without faith abhakta could see Narayan? A subsequent section of the same book tells us that Narada visited?

Some writers have seen in this legend a poetical account of contact with Christianity, but wrongly, as I think.