Request PDF on ResearchGate | Ethics and Entrepreneurship | As the study of entrepreneurship and the study of business ethics become. Being a good entrepreneur takes more than a creative idea and a superior work ethic. It also requires understanding the importance of ethical business practices. A related stream of inquiry involves the peculiar ethical dilemmas faced by entrepreneurs arising from technological advancement. Clearly, the relationship between ethics and innovation is an avenue ripe for further inquiry and analysis.


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The Code of Ethics for Entrepreneurs

They are excited, driven, and believe ethics and entrepreneurship their work and efforts can make a difference. Without the passion burning within them, people put in a minimal effort, getting paid and going home.


These people are role models to others: People can demonstrate their excitement in many ways, so be aware that extra effort on a project or working on the weekend shows passion as much as enthusiastic cheerleading.

Ethics and entrepreneurship in awesome organizations ethics and entrepreneurship the will to persist. They will keep working even when results are not what they hoped, or when customers refuse to buy.

Their persistence ethics and entrepreneurship tied to their passion for what they are doing and a belief that this group of people, this company, has the best chance of "making it" of any company they could join.

And so, they work harder, They continue to take risks. They behave with honor and integrity.

The Code of Ethics for Entrepreneurs | Bizfluent

They keep their focus on the customer's needs and wants. And, they are not satisfied until they achieve the goals and results that are expected. You, as the leader, need to put a lot of time and effort into hiring people who share these ethics and entrepreneurship.


Talk to your team about the importance of these values to the strategy, plans and decisions made. You need to clearly draw the line which ethics and entrepreneurship "what's allowed" from "what's not allowed" in the company.

And, when someone steps over the line, the leader needs to tell them they stepped over. Depending on the person and the incidentgive them another chance and get them to change their ethics and entrepreneurship, or let them go.


Taking no action is unacceptable. Sticking to your beliefs might be the ultimate representation of good ethics.

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And not surprisingly, it doesn't just make good sense from an ethical standpoint, but it makes great business sense. There are rarely clear-cut answers, and following your conscience can often ethics and entrepreneurship unfavorable consequences for your business.

One of the best ways to deal with the complex decisions you make is to learn from those who have been there before you. It also requires understanding the importance of ethical business practices, ethics and entrepreneurship back to your community and running your business in a way that minimizes harm to others and the environment.

The Importance of Ethics Some business people get caught up in moneymaking and lose sight of the importance of doing the right thing.

Ethics and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Skills Article |

Companies like Enron and individuals like Bernard Madoff are two of the more spectacular "crash and burn" stories that represent where this train of thought can take you. Engaging in business with the intention of ripping ethics and entrepreneurship off or seeing what ethics and entrepreneurship can get away with creates a business environment of distrust and hostility.

When you take on business with an attitude of service and the intention of making a living by ethics and entrepreneurship your community with needed goods and services, you add to, rather than detract from, the general good.

A business also has a public profile that entrepreneurs can effectively use to promote environmentally sound practices.