Abstract. This paper is a critical review of Franz von Kutschera's comprehensive trilogy on Plato's dialogues. ww2dbaseFranz Kutschera was born in Oberwaltersdorf, Austria during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As a young boy, he worked on a naval ship in. Franz Kutschera (22 February – 1 February ) was an Austrian Nazi politician and government official. He held numerous political and security  ‎Life · ‎Nazi career · ‎Discovery.


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Franz von Kutschera, Bewirken - PhilPapers

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  • Advances in Scientific Philosophy: Essays in Honour of Paul Weingartner on - Google Books
  • Review of „Franz von Kutschera, Platons Philosophie, 3 volumes, Paderborn: Mentis-Verlag 2002“
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Kutschera's exact whereabouts while in Warsaw were a closely guarded secret within franz von kutschera German security services but were discovered in December by Aleksander Kunicki Rayskichief of intelligence for the Agat Anti-Gestapo unit of Kedyw.

In the course of his routine surveillance of the Gestapo offices on Aleje Szucha, Rayski noticed an Opel Franz von kutschera limousine entering the driveway of the nearby Warsaw SS headquarters.

Intrigued, Franz von kutschera began to secretly monitor the mysterious SS man's arrivals and franz von kutschera from SS headquarters and filed a report with his superiors. An investigation by Kedyw in January, confirmed that the man being observed by Rayski was Franz Kutschera.

Rayski also discovered that despite the short distance from his home to the SS headquarters, Kutschera always used his car to get there [4]. The first attempt on Kutschera's life was prepared for 28 January but had to be aborted after Kutschera failed to leave his home that day.

The second attempt took place on the morning of 1 February