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Freelancers – Where to go instead of Upork ?

For freelancers, a change of mindset may be needed. It might be time to consider that moving away from Upwork does not necessarily mean heading over to another platform. Instead, it may be time to cast a much wider net to ensure multiple sources of income. There are several platforms to consider.

The common alternatives that most freelancers might be familiar with are Freelancer, 99Designs, and Fiverr.

Here are a few other places to keep an eye on:

  • Branded. Strictly speaking, not a marketing platform with clearly defined buyers and sellers, but a place for freelancers to create quick, inexpensive websites presenting themselves, with the option of connecting with other people, based on social graph analysis matching.
  • Clearvoice. Many clients want to effectively organise and execute their content marketing strategy. This means putting in place effective project management systems and workflows. Clearvoice does this AND connects clients with both the writers and influencers who can help them achieve their aims, while also providing clear tracking to maximize the results.
  • Cloudpeeps. A marketplace with what appears to be more carefully identified projects for freelancers to bid on than many other platforms. Not a lot of projects on the platform, but worth keeping an eye on.
  • Codeable. Before Freelancer.com started to snap up many of the smaller marketplaces, there was a lot more choice for freelancers. We are now seeing niche sites appearing again, maybe in response to frustration with the larger platforms. This is one such site, where, according to company sources, there is actually a waiting list for developers to join.
  • CodeMill. In addition to sites that focus on niching by location or quality, we are also seeing sites that niche by getting specific tasks done. This can take away the need for time-consuming hiring tasks, such as interviews and contracts. This is what CodeMill is currently offering.
  • Coderstrust. This is not a marketplace. It focuses on teaching how to code, which can later lead to better opportunities on freelance platforms. There is a huge need to educate freelancers about how to do the work, as well as how to get the work, so it is likely that we will see more sites like this spring up in the future.
  • Creative Fuse. UK based website which has both part and full-time positions listed. Focusing on creative industries and talent.
  • Crew. This is a moderated marketplace with handpicked and vetted professionals. Can be a place to create high quality apps, websites or logos.
  • Expert360. An Australian company for matching high quality consultants with companies looking to hire them. It includes onsite placements.
  • Growth Geeks. If you are looking for on-demand marketers, Growth Geeks offer the opportunity of connecting with an exclusive network of digital marketing experts. The selection process is rigorous with only 1% accepted to the network.
  • Jobrack. Eastern Europe has a reputations of having a lot of highly skilled developers. One of the readers to this article suggested Jobrack as a great source for hiring IT staff from Eastern Europe.
  • LinkedIn Profinder. Although LinkedIn’s share price might have dropped 43% in one day, with its vast database LinkedIn Profinder can be a great place to get work. It is presently being rolled out in selected US locations, where freelancers are reporting great matching between their skills and client’s needs.
  • Outsource. A site that resembles a little the “old” oDesk.  Outsource however get most of their visits from the US. We might see strategic mergers or acquisitions that could make this a key place for American based freelancers and clients to connect.
  • PakLancers. It is no secret that freelancers from certain regions receive higher than average feedback scores on certain platforms. This has paved the way for regionally focused platforms like PakLancers, which focus just on Pakistan.
  • PowerToFly.Unlike most other marketplaces, this one focuses on female developers. Since the tech industry is traditionally dominated by men, this might spur other ventures that target women.
  • Ribit. Connecting students with companies that are willing to give them work-experience Ribit provide the opportunity for companies to connect with students who want a jump start on their professional career during and after studies. At the moment an Australian non-for profit, the idea can be grow globally.
  • Speedlancer. Describing themselves as the “Uber of freelancing” Speedlancer provide a curated marketplace with defined prices for defined tasks. Defining tasks upfront can be a real time saver for both clients and freelancers.
  • Toptal. Although the preference for some clients is to get a good deal, other prefer to work with the best talent they can find. Toptal provide a service where only the top 3% of applicants is allowed to be on the platform.
  • Virtual Vocations. A market place focusing on telecommuting jobs. According to the website “Monday through Saturday our trained researchers visit hundreds of industry and specialty job boards, social media streams, telecommute-friendly employer websites, blogs and direct employer listings to find the newest and best job leads available”
  • Workhoppers.Although many websites connect freelancers with clients globally, there is an increasing demand from clients to connect with freelancers locally. Workhoppers is one such solution, where, according to company sources, freelancers can promote their skills for free and connect directly with local, vetted companies looking to hire.
  • Workwithanyone.com. A lot of freelancers would like to avoid having to hunt for work. With this platform you can instead join a team, and get work from the team owners who effectively act as a mix of recruiters and sales reps. This can be particularly valuable for highly qualified freelancers who are not good in selling themselves directly to client or have limited oral English skills.
  • YouTeam.Instead of focusing on connecting freelancers with clients YouTeam handpick engineers from software companies. Their vetted service with project managers taking care of the work can be a good way of hiring developers in for instance Eastern Europe.

Need more? Here is an infographic with 25 resources to check out.

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