is a free interactive PHP tutorial for people who want to learn PHP, fast. PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to. This is a complete and free PHP programming course for beginners. It's assumed that you already have some HTML skills. But you don't need to be a guru.


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If you really don't know any of the things I will mention, it's ok. Just try to go with the flow. It's just easy to comprehend them since I'm not into using advanced methods for this one. Off course since this is creating a back-end full php tutorial for a website, you must know at least the very very full php tutorial basics of the following: Why did I even bother place this?

JavaScript - For a redirecting script.

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No jQuery needed for full php tutorial mySQL - the most basic language for querying. For the software, you will be needing the following: This will serve as our coding environment.

This is were we will be saving our website files and save our data full php tutorial the database. Make sure to have those 3 installed.

PHP Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Do not proceed if your not done installing them. I already provided a hyperlink to make things faster. For our agenda in this topic: Simple authentication and security - Full php tutorial in and out, handling unauthorized users and restricting access.

Simple time and date manipulation - Displaying time and date postings and monitoring your posts.

Welcome - The complete PHP tutorial

Displaying public and private data - Simply display information for logged-in users full php tutorial and for the public De-briefing and Summary - Final output and some notes. FAQ's are also place here. Don't proceed without accomplishing the previous part not unless you know the code.

Some reminders before we start: Also, pardon me for using images to display the codes rather than showing you a raw text because it can't format properly on my WordPress subscription but don't worry, I'll be uploading the finished full php tutorial on the end of this tutorial to double-check your work.

PHP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

Setting up your server Now that your all set and go, as the basics of programming goes, let's full php tutorial by creating a simple shoutout of "hello world" in our server. From there go to the htdocs folder Commonly in C: From that part, full php tutorial have now created a Local URL for your website.

That folder will be used to supply in all website files.


Open up your text editor and full php tutorial get started! I use sublime text as my text editor. It's not really a big factor but it's just a preference on which one would you like to use.