September 30th Movement, group of Indonesian military personnel who captured and murdered six generals in , marking the commencement of the. A coup launched by the Indonesian Communist Party to overthrow the government of the Republic of Indonesia on 30 September in. Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI is a Indonesian docudrama written and directed by Arifin C. It was based on an official history of the 30 September Movement (Gerakan 30 September, or G30S) coup in written by Nugroho Notosusanto.


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He points out that training in the US of Indonesian Army personnel continued even as overt military assistance dried up, and contends that the US contributed substantial covert aid, noting that the US military gerakan 30 september in Jakarta was at an all-time high in[37] and that the US government delivered a shipment of military aircraft to the Indonesian Army gerakan 30 september summer before the coup.


These revelations have also come to light in journals on military and intelligence history. The revelations included an anonymous Foreign Office source stating that the decision to unseat Pres.

September 30th Movement | Indonesian history |

Kennedy were increasingly alarmed gerakan 30 september the possibility of the Confrontation with Malaysia spreading, and agreed to "liquidate President Sukarno, depending on the situation and available opportunities.

These efforts were to duplicate the successes of British Psyop campaign in the Malayan Emergency. According to Roland Challis, the BBC correspondent who was in Singapore at the time, journalists were open to manipulation by IRD because of Sukarno's stubborn refusal to allow them into the country: The accusation was based solely on a forgery planted by Norman Reddawaya propaganda expert with the IRD.

He later bragged in a letter to the British ambassador in Jakarta, Sir Andrew Gilchrist that it "went all over the world and back again," and was "put almost instantly back into Indonesia via the BBC. He officially denied any role by MI6, and denied "personal knowledge" of gerakan 30 september British arming the right-wing faction of the Army, though he did comment that if there were such a plan, he "would certainly have supported it.

30 September Movement - Wikipedia

The Independent, 6 December Upon declassification, the documents were used contend that the British had supported the slaughter and that this was done in three ways: Roosa primarily bases his theories on the candid reflection of Supardjo.

As a general who joined the movement just days before its execution, Supardjo offers a unique perspective on the movement as both an outsider and insider. In his testimony gerakan 30 september for the PKI leadership, he assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the 30 September Movement, particularly those of its gerakan 30 september leader, Kamaruzaman Sjam.

Roosa then challenges the credibility of the evidence on which the Suharto regime based its official narrative. G30Semphasize the class contradictions in Indonesian society.


President Sukarno, was the one who stand in the middle of the contradiction between the army and the PKI. Gerakan 30 september evening he had seized the initiative from the conspirators. The army leadership, on the contrary, insisted that it was part of a PKI plot to seize power and subsequently embarked on a mission to purge the gerakan 30 september of the perceived communist threat.


In the following month the military slaughtered communists and alleged communists across Java and in Bali ; estimates of gerakan 30 september number of people gerakan 30 september ranged from 80, to more than 1, He instead states that he will give a radio announcement, which is delivered after forces loyal to him retake the RRI office; it outlines the situation, describes G30S as counter-revolutionaryand states that the Army will deal with the coup.

The G30S leaders flee Halim, and Suharto's troops retake the air base.

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Gerakan 30 september PKI-affiliated soldiers fight, the Party leadership escapes and separates, planning to continue their struggle underground. Suharto is soon called to the secondary palace in Bogor to speak with Sukarno.

There, the president says that he has received assurances from Air Marshal Omar Dani that the Air Force was not involved.

Suharto refutes the statement, noting that the movement's arms were like those of the Air Force. The meeting eventually results in Suharto being confirmed as leader of the Army, working together with Pranoto Reksosamodra. The generals are interred elsewhere and Suharto delivers a hagiographic eulogy in which he condemns the G30S and PKI and urges the Gerakan 30 september people to continue the fallen generals' struggle.

Noera Citra Award -winning director gerakan 30 september a background in theatre.