Christopher Dunn, featured Author of the Month at for November , is the Author of The Giza Power Plant. The Giza Power Plant has ratings and 31 reviews. Unlike many of the pyramid theories, Christopher Dunn presents an unusual but important discovery. Was the Great Pyramid a power plant? Engineer Christopher Dunn shows how the pyramid's numerous chambers and passageways were positioned with.


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The Giza Power Plant

The ascending chamber plugged with granite-blocks acting as feedback mechanism, the grand gallery equipped with 27 banks of Helmholtz resonators, and the ante-chamber with portcullis forming a granite acoustic filter.

This resonance causes giza power plant christopher dunn of an electromagnetic field from the quartile igneous rocks in the chamber due to piezo-electric effect.


The interaction of the electromagnetic resonance and the hydrogen gas results in a highly concentrated microwave energy at the wavelength of hydrogen atoms; due to maser effect of ion-acceleration of hydrogen atoms.

Production of environmentally clean wireless energy, that Tesla could not produce.

The Giza Power Plant Discussion - Graham Hancock Official Website

The signal input in the form of hydrogen microwave energy of a wavelength 8. Perhaps the entire northern and southern shafts were in-lined with gold for efficient transfer of energy input and output.

The power input of giza power plant christopher dunn 3-stage microwave amplifier, arrives as the acoustic energy and hydrogen gas through the grand gallery and the acoustic filter. The acoustic energy is transferred into high frequency radio waves by piezoelectric effect.

The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt by Christopher Dunn

The Granite box in the chamber refracts the incoming radiation inside the box, and after causing hydrogen to emit excess energy, is again focused out towards the southern shaft which collects the focused, collimated, coherent, monochromatic beam via a horn antenna and guided out of the pyramid to the sky.

To assist in the free vibration of the King's chamber at its harmonic frequency that is Hz, it is designed on a corrugated floor block like an egg carton. There are 43 granite beams in five rows on top of the King's Chamber, and it seems these beams were tuned to a specific resonating frequency of Hz by scooping out material from their top sides, resulting an uneven fourth side in contrast to other three perfect aligned sides.

The sound reinforcement in the grand gallery is assisted by the 45 degree- angular ratchet-like reflecting ceiling surface. The grand gallery — with its continuously narrowing width towards the antechamber — is lined with 27 pairs of notches: At the end of the ascending giza power plant christopher dunn, the giza power plant christopher dunn theorize the presence of granite plugs as a means to monitor the acoustic energy from the descending passage.

There may be some holes in the theory: However, from this stage, Dunn takes us into a fascinating world of speculations: Devoid of any solid proofs, he pans out the possibilities for such an technologically advanced ancient civilization.

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  • Technologies of Ancient Egypt

And, nicely ending the brief book, he wonders, if our own civilization will eventually fall into the same trapping of another giza power plant christopher dunn war and annihilation… till the planet gives rise to the next civilization tens of thousands years later, and until the time they achieve a contemporary technological skills to correctly interpret the remnants of our current race.

The effort could be considered similar to what is known as the process of reverse engineering. To be successful giza power plant christopher dunn this, I knew that I had to find an answer for every single detail found within the Great Pyramid. I could not ignore any evidence or twist it in any way.

The Giza Power Plant | Book by Christopher Dunn | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I was determined to prepare giza power plant christopher dunn report that was accurate and as honest as I was capable of making it. The possibilities may be numerous.

However radical the idea may seem, it is, in my mind, supported by hard archaeological evidence. The artifacts reveal that the ancient Egyptians used advanced machining methods, which supports the deduction that their civilization, and perhaps others, was technologically advanced.

The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt

I acknowledge this truth, and I am open to revising my power plant theory if another theory presents itself to explain all the anomalies in the ancient artifacts and pyramids I have examined to build my own case. Science and engineering work hand-in-hand when developing technology.

To propose a new and radical approach to generating energy that was fully functional, right out-of-the-box working perfectly, would have been a miracle. Having said that, I have not been persuaded, so far, to believe that I am on the wrong track, or that the pyramids were giza power plant christopher dunn and built to function as tombs or funerary monuments.

I am always aware, however, that evidence may turn up at any time to change my mind.

Religions have denied the existence of scientific discoveries, because they contradicted established dogma. Thus a dichotomy and polarization exists wherein all that is spirit giza power plant christopher dunn good, and all that is material is not quite as good — or even bad.

Yet one springs from the other. If I am anything, I am first and foremost a spiritual being.