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Hidden Secret Options In WordPress Admin Panel

Hidden Secret Options In WordPress? Yes, this is one of the cool little secrets that you should know about. WordPress has a Master Options Panel in the admin panel which is hidden. This page has a combination of all of your settings for your blog, and it is something that you should not mess with. Nevertheless you should still know about it because it is cool.

To access the hidden options screen in your WordPress admin dashboard, visit


Accessing this hidden admin options area in your WordPress admin dashboard will let you find all the settings on your site in one location.

There isn’t much practical use for this page, as each plugin or theme will have their own page for you to update the necessary options. This page may show some options that are not intended to be changed, so view with caution. You may accidentally change something that was never meant to be changed.

Caution: Since the options are displayed in a text box, it is possible for you to enter an invalid value. Many themes and plugins go to great lengths to protect you from yourself by providing simple drop down menus or check boxes, so you can only set valid options. Manually typing an option into this page may set an invalid value and cause more problems than it’s worth. It is usually best to use the provided options pages.

However, if you are using a plugin with a lot of settings that you want to view all at once you may not be able to do that with the options pages the plugin provides. Looking at this menu will give you a (usually) easy to follow set of options.


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