Inferno is a mystery thriller novel, the sixth by renowned American author Dan Brown and the fourth book in his Robert Langdon series, following Angels. Inferno is a fantasy novel written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, published in It was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novel. The Inferno Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and In the prologue of the novel a person runs away from his pursuers and rushes to the.


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However, it inferno novel a modern twist to the story. He is only released, after many decades, from a Djinn -bottle in the Vestibule on the outer edge to Hell when he finally calls upon God for mercy.


They look at security footage and see Robert himself and Ignazio stealing the mask. The museum guards turn on Robert and Sienna.

At this moment, Ignazio's secretary calls Robert and tells him that he died of a heart attack, and his last words were "Paradise Robert connects the phrase "Paradise 25" to the Florence Baptistrywhere he and Sienna find the Dante mask along with a riddle from its current owner, a billionaire geneticist named Bertrand Zobrist.

A man named Jonathan Ferris, claiming to be from the World Health Organizationcomes and helps them escape the soldiers. They follow the riddle to Venicewhere Jonathan suddenly falls unconscious. Robert is captured by the inferno novel soldiers while Sienna escapes.

Robert is taken to Elizabeth Sinskey, the director-general of the WHO, and receives an extensive explanation of what is going on: Zobrist, who committed suicide the week before, was a mad scientist and Inferno novel fanatic who engineered a new strain of the Black Death to cleanse the world of overpopulation.

Inferno (Brown novel) - Wikipedia

His last memory is walking on the Harvard campus, but he quickly realizes that inferno novel is now in Florence. Sienna Inferno novelone of the doctors tending to him, tells him he suffered a concussion from being grazed by a bullet, and had stumbled into the emergency ward.

Suddenly, a female contract killer named Vayentha breaks into the hospital, shoots and kills a doctor, and approaches Robert's room.

Sienna grabs Robert and they flee to her apartment. Robert finds a biohazard cylinder in his jacket and decides to call the U.

Inferno (Niven and Pournelle novel) - Wikipedia

He is told that they are searching for him and want his location. Robert gives them a location near the apartment out of respect for Sienna's privacy. However, when he looks from the apartment window and sees an armed Inferno novel pull up to the location he has given.

Robert realizes that the U. He tries to bring to fruition Zobrist's wishes by securing the location of the virus from Langdon and Sinskey and scheduling to release to the media a video Zobrist made before his death.

When he learns that he was helping Zobrist in a bio-terrorist attack, he helps the World Health Organization to search for the weapon.

He is eventually arrested for his part in the events. The Consortium's agent in Florence inferno novel has orders inferno novel follow Langdon but is later disavowed after failing her mission.

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She falls to her death after a confrontation inferno novel Langdon and Brooks in the Palazzo Vecchio. He used fake eyebrows inferno novel a mustache to act as Dr. Marconi in the beginning of the novel. She is pregnant with her first child.

He succumbs inferno novel a heart attack prior to the events of the novel. The curator of St. Mark's basilica in Venice.