October Dojo Newsletter. Newsletter. Please Welcome our Newest Students. I would like to personally welcome all of our students recently enrolled! Recent Posts. Just You Should Start Martial Arts Now. January 2, 1/1. Please reload. Featured Posts. January Newsletter. We teach self defence, karate, jujitsu, ground defence & weapons. Experienced, friendly instructors who have your best interests. John


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Creed 2 - I intend to develop my self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others. Creed 3 - I intend karate newsletter use what I learn in class constructively karate newsletter defensively to help myself and others, and to never be abusive or offensive.

Our team's training is above and beyond the standard class curriculum.


We have special training practices and perform at schools, public karate newsletter, parades, and more. The demo team is not an opportunity to be instructed or corrected on your requirement material.

Newsletters Karate, Self Defence, Jujitsu, weapons - Tugra Shan Martial Arts

The demos are designed to educate, entertain, serve the community, and display what we do at CMA while introducing us to the public! Sensei Frank Shekosky Team leaders: Students must be able to demonstrate their requirement material as well as demo team material proficiently, be able and willing to attend the mandatory demo team practices, and most of all, show school SPIRIT and enthusiasm!

See our demo team page karate newsletter more karate newsletter Did you know that "Sifu" is a Chinese term for teacher? At CMA it is especially an honor to reach the level of Sifu. Sensei Shekosky, the Master instructor, may promote students to the level of Sifu when they meet all of the the following criteria: Joe Muscatello Greg Makuch Chad Johnson "Sensei" is a Japanese term for teacher which also often relates to the one with the most experience.

Fight Club, and Kicks and tricks. We are accepting new students into our Fight Club class, which focuses on developing sparing skills.

It is perfect for our students who love sparring karate newsletter want to really improve their game.

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Kicks and Tricks is for our students who like high flying, acrobatic martial arts, and want to learn the performance side of karate newsletter arts. See Sensei for your invitation, karate newsletter is limited!

Family Class on Saturdays has been canceled.

One way we are getting involved this year is through our Pink Belt Karate newsletter. All proceeds collected will be donated to The American Cancer Society. Starting today you can purchase your pink belt.


To enjoy your pink belt and get the karate newsletter out of it we are going to ask to order your belt by Friday, October 5th.