Explore Irina Nicorescu's board "Apprendre la pâtisserie française" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Youtube, Youtube movies and Youtubers. A pâtisserie is a type of French or Belgian bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets, In France and Canada, the term pâtisserie also refers to the pastries produced by a pâtissier. Mass-produced pastries are also sometimes called. La Patisserie Francaise, Arvada, CO. K likes. La Patisserie Francaise has provided Colorado with exceptional French baked goods for a quarter of a.


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Pâtisserie - Wikipedia

Hayward, CA I found my favourite east bay Pho place Came here to grab two croissants to make a ham and cheese sandwich at home. Heard them open the microwave and warm up my croissants.


They gave me the croissants and they were warm; the woman working there asked me if I wanted them warmed in the microwave? Got home and the croissants were hard which can only mean one thing Will never be back It's proof that the service makes the food.

I stopped in with a friend after lunch time, when it was not la patisserie francaise.

We were hungry but couldn't make up our mind, but when we did, we were expecting prompt service. However, prompt was not what we received.

La Patisserie Francaise French Bakery, Arvada - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor

We ordered soup and an entree. The only thing that would have taken a long time would have been frying shrimp, 15 - 20 minutes.

However, 30 minutes later and nothing. At that point I wanted to leave, but my friend was fine wanted to stay. Minutes later a family of 3 came in and ordered.

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Within 10 minutes, they received their soup and salad. Once again, I was ready to go, but my friend wanted to wait it out.


After being there for more than an hour, we noticed that everyone else was being served before us. Fifteen minutes later, our food arrived but my appetite was gone. I only ate the fried shrimp and took the noodles and cold vegetables home. La patisserie francaise one should never have to wait over an hour to be served, until everyone else is served, has eaten or has left.

La Patisserie Francaise

On top of that, we had to go find the server and request our la patisserie francaise, while everyone else's ticket was brought la patisserie francaise their table.

First time last night I'll be honest I wasn't paying attention to my food Bought those pastries for my co-workers and for me I will go back and like to order sandwiches! That's all the meat they put in for my bun bo hue My friend and I was craving bun bo hue so we came here and maybe they don't specialize in making noodle soup?


My bun bo hue broth tasted la patisserie francaise and it was just like la patisserie francaise pho broth with spice chillin flowing on top And the worst of all is no meat!

Only 3 slices of beef I am giving some stars for their cute yard First off the plants outside are beautiful - don't pass them by.