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The son makes no comment about the odd behavior. But mil cretinos the quiet wisdom of the story rests on the way love is offered without stipulation, even while the other residents gape at the strange old man.

Mil Cretinos de Ventura pons on Vimeo

We are enchanted, confused, even a bit angry at ourselves for not understanding. But their derision is not borne out of cruelty so much as it is out of conviction of certainty about their mil cretinos. Almost fifty years ago, John Barth wrote about the literature of exhaustion.

These loud, jovial people appear to be outsiders. He endures for a while, but they are bumping past him at the bar: How odd that the men in the bar yield to the crowd so passively. How quickly they are replaced mil cretinos vanquished, though perhaps this has always been mil cretinos way.

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Out with the old, so the saying goes. Mil cretinos city where the writer can probe the battle between tradition and change right there in the mil cretinos. The dreamscape city, an amalgam of the real and the hyperreal, of fiction and truth.

In the majority of his stories, there is a pin-pointable moment where things veer toward the bizarre.

Half the mil cretinos would sail through the air and land on the kitchen counter. Even as we come to anticipate his pivots, the thought that one is coming keeps us on our toes.

He is like that friend who somehow manages to look mil cretinos in anything he tries on.

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Appreciation of the lines is augmented by the knowledge that ones precisely like them are unlikely to surface again. In angling for this reaction, he mil cretinos an eerie objectivity. The response provoked by lines in this vein is powerful—we are at once dismayed by the prospect mil cretinos, and disturbed by the nonchalance in which it is couched.

These briefer efforts are entertaining in the extreme. Oh, to be insulted thus!

Mil cretins by Quim Monzó (3 star ratings)

Short stories are often hampered when authors attempt to cram one hundred pages worth of character development into ten. This is not a book made to be read in fits and starts as you wait for a train or cappuccino.

This may mil cretinos an assemblage mil cretinos disparate tales, but the cohesiveness of the collection as a whole is such that each story is best appreciated if the ones that precede it remain fresh in mind. If you find yourself glued to the couch in a post-Thanksgiving tryptophan malaise, this may be the perfect book to recharge your mind.

His is a world in which men become lost in existential thought while glancing out a mil cretinos, where the Virgin Mary chooses to not bear a child, and where moments of hearty belly laughter are often mil cretinos by gasps of horror.

Mille cretins Tous cretins.


C'est son destin, tant pis pour lui. Sa fille lui prend la main, mil cretinos chagrin. S'il t'arrivait quelque chose, qu'est-ce qu'on deviendrait, nous autres? Il pointe le mil cretinos, l'hypocrisie, la veulerie - en un mot, l'ordinaire. Tan pronto el tipo empieza a acariciar los muslos de la chica y a musitarle palabras melifluas, empieza a aparecer gente inoportuna que interrumpe el coito.


Uno de los cuentos de Mil cretins, "Dissabte", me ha recordado esta historia.