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Node.js Vs PHP – Which is Best?

Node.js Vs PHP – Technology is continually changing and so is the people’s choice of working on different technologies. PHP and Node.js are two technologies that are now in vogue among the programming community.
Both are primarily used in web development and are open source. Given their similarities, it would also be in the best interests of a Node.js developer and also a PHP ninja to know their differences and the areas they are best at.
Language syntax:
PHP is very much different from other programming languages. There is no one specific way by which the PHP developers have to work in PHP. The developer can start with some multi-line programs. Then, add functions and then move to PHP4-like objects. However, between the versions, PHP syntax can change. Due to this, PHP is a bit chaotic.
When we compare Node.js, which is written in JavaScript, with that of PHP, its language syntax is brief and succinct. So, with regard to Language syntax, it is Node.js that is the clear winner. The reason to use Node.js is that Javascript on the client and server can be used by full-stack developers.
Development Tools:
Both PHP and Node.js perform well in terms of development tools. Integrated development environment, editors, debuggers and validators are offered. However, an area where Node.js scores well is the presence of Node Package Manager in it.
The npm ( as it is commonly called) enables installation and management of dependencies. It also allows setting configuration variables and defines scripts. It deserves mentioning that npm contributed to the growth of build tools – Grunt and Gulp.
Technologies can be used in diverse areas. When it comes to using PHP, the developer can use PHP for command line development and for desktop. However, many overlook these areas. Node.js developers have gone many steps further in using it for platforms and ecosystems. JavaScript can be used in desktop, terminal, browser, server and embedded systems.
Node.js requires fewer dependencies than PHP. And in contrast to the PHP interpreter, Node.js is a smaller and a faster interpreter. Other performance aspect where Node.js surpasses PHP is that its applications run permanently. In Node.js, single database connection object can be reused. Nonetheless, in PHP, Memcached can be used.
Support for developers:
It is necessary for a developer to seek assistance during the course of working on programming. Support and help from official documentation and also resources like StackOverflow, forums and courses are required. PHP is really good in this front. A wonderful manual it offers is highly supportive. Whereas, Node.js developers can only get less help. However, it has quality documentation.
So, Which is best:?
While a Node.js developer would experience really good features and tools offered by it, PHP too offers some exceptional features. So, PHP or Node.js? Which is best? To put it euphemistically, “Node.js is a step ahead.”

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