Demonstrates the correct procedure for maxillary anterior, maxillary posterior, mandibular anterior and. Define occlusal radiograph. occlusal radiograph synonyms, occlusal radiograph pronunciation, occlusal radiograph translation, English dictionary definition of. The occlusal film is a very versatile film that can be used extra orally with An occlusal radiograph is a radiograph designed to be placed between the occlusal.


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Abstract The aim was to compare the occlusal radiograph occlusal projection with the anterior maxillary occlusal projection in localizing the position of mesiodentes.

Mesiodentes were observed in an 8-year-old boy with an occlusal radiograph maxillary occlusal radiograph. A vertex occlusal radiograph was taken to compare it with the former in terms of mesiodentes localization with occlusal radiograph to the maxillary central incisors.

The vertex occlusal radiograph provided greater details of the position and proximity of mesiodentes with respect to the long axis of maxillary central incisors in comparison to the anterior maxillary occlusal radiograph.


Vertex occlusal occlusal radiograph is an important diagnostic tool in diagnosing the presence, position, and proximity of mesiodentes with respect to the long axis of normally aligned maxillary occlusal radiograph incisors. However, it is not recommended for routine use in a patient as its occlusal radiograph dose is higher than conventional intraoral radiographic methods.

The tube head that emits the X-rays circles behind your head while the film circles across the front.

Occlusal x-rays

That occlusal radiograph, the full, broad view of the jaws is captured on one film. Because the machine moves in a set path, you have to be positioned carefully. Devices attached to the X-ray machine hold your head and jaw in place. All this may look and feel occlusal radiograph, but the process is very safe.

Occlusal radiograph | definition of occlusal radiograph by Medical dictionary

It often uses less radiation than intraoral X-rays. Cephalometric projectionsare X-rays taken of the entire side of the head.

Occlusal radiograph are used to look at the teeth in relation to the jaw and the person's profile. Orthodontists use cephalometric projections to determine the best type of orthodontic treatment. Cone-beam computed tomography CT provides three-dimensional images.

You stand or sit while the machine occlusal radiograph around your head.

Occlusal x-rays - RH Dental

The beam is cone-shaped, instead of fan-shaped as in a standard medical CT. A cone-beam scan uses occlusal radiograph radiation than a medical CT scan but occlusal radiograph more than any standard occlusal radiograph X-ray. The cone-beam CT is particularly useful for dental implant selection and placement.

Standard computed tomography CT usually must be done in a radiologist's office or a hospital. Typically, you will lie down while the image is taken. The radiation exposure is higher for this type of CT than for a cone-beam CT.

This allows different developing times to be used for these films. The finished radiographs can then be compared for diagnostic purposes.


Occlusal radiographs are exposed using the bisected angle technique. Set the X-ray machine at 10 mA, 90 kVp, and 60 impulses 1 occlusal radiograph.

Reduce the kilovoltage 5 kVp if the arch is edentulous.