This legislation replaces the following legislation: 21 TAHUN (21/) 24 TAHUN (32/) 1 TAHUN (1/) 65 TAHUN (65/). PP_No - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. PERATURAN PEMERINTAH NOMOR 32 TAHUN Peraturan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia Nomor 51 Tahun tentang Peraturan Kepala BPS Nomor 7 Tahun tentang Organisasi dan Tata Kerja  Missing: 65 ‎| ‎Must include: ‎


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Dasar Hukum Penyelenggaraan BLU | Universitas Terbuka

Factors associated with decreased likelihood of receiving RT included unmarried marital status OR, 0. Factors associated with decreased likelihood of receiving chemotherapy included unmarried marital status OR, 0.


We assessed the impact of demographic characteristics and comorbidities on the probability of undergoing surgical resection, radiotherapy RTand chemotherapy pp 65 tahun 2008 3 months of diagnosis using multivariate logistic regression. A total of 4, patients with GBM were included, with a median overall survival of 4 months.

USA increase of 0. Over a longer period a steadily increasing trend was noticed in France and Italy until and in Australia until with slightly decreasing performances thereafter.

A pp 65 tahun 2008 trend can be observed for Great Britain until and Korea until ; both nations increased their performances thereafter. Although the UK won fewer medals in Sydney 28 medals than they did pp 65 tahun 2008 Athens 30 medalstheir market share in Sydney was higher 3. Another point that can be observed from Figure 1 is the narrowing gap in market share between the ten best performing nations in Athens compared to the ten best performing nations of which 4 were not in the top ten list in Athens.

This may reflect the more general tendency of increased competitiveness in sports. The medal success output is not presented in relation to its determinants input.

Patterns of care in elderly glioblastoma patients.

Bernard and Busse raise the question of how many medals a country would pp 65 tahun 2008 in order to be classified as successful. In other words, what can a country expect in terms of medal outputs, given its inputs resources.

This is the definition of relative success De Bosscher, We contend that when establishing indicators for national sporting success, one must take the socio-economic and political differences between countries into account. Measuring pp 65 tahun 2008 success of nations 13The aim of this part is to present a method whereby some of the differences between countries on the macro-level, which are of major significance in international success and cannot be influenced by policies, are controlled.

This allows us to construct indicators for relative success, i. This approach looks at the efficiency of sports systems when the national characteristics of Olympic success are isolated.

For this reason, success has also sometimes been expressed in terms of medals per head of population or in terms of per capita GDP, as a measurement for wealth.

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The bigger the population, the larger the pool from which talent may be recruited and the greater the opportunities to organise training and competitions. Divided by population the Bahamas, with two medals was the most successful country in Athens.

Richer countries can invest more in pp 65 tahun 2008 and elite sport, individuals may participate in a broader number of sports and a higher living standard may improve their general fitness and ability to perform at top level.


Den Butter and Van der Tak have found that the number of medals won correlates strongly with income GDP as well as with more general welfare indicators, such as the human development index or the quality of life index.

When we divide the number of medal points in Athens by the per Gross Domestic Product per head of the population China becomes pp 65 tahun 2008 most successful nation.

Firstly, it disregards other potentially important determinants. Secondly, it assumes an implicit linear relationship between these two factors and success.