Georg Moench sorry that i was too lazy to crop the scores at the repetition marks. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 8. Stream Sei Capricci of Salvatore Sciarrino, a playlist by Benjamin Sung from desktop or your mobile device. violin is derived from chords used by Salvatore Sciarrino in the second movement of his Sei. Capricci for solo violin (see example 5). New harmonies emerge.


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This is your number. The music rustles, flickers, alights for the briefest moment somewhere, and then flies on.

Recital Gringolts

When, in one brief intermezzo of the hour-long drama, he introduces five minutes of regular pulse, it feels like a gigantic tectonic plate has shifted, so sensitive have our ears become.

We met over late-afternoon coffees at a conference room there. sciarrino sei capricci


When Sciarrino received a call on his smartphone, he lamented ever buying one. A composer does what he needs to do.

Sei capricci, per violino

Composing a successful piece can be like shooting a bullseye: Though there is something about them—they take a model and transform it. As a child, I was interested in models from history: Art history was so important for me to connect with music. sciarrino sei capricci


When I was very young, for example, I felt strongly that Debussy was not an Impressionist, even though everybody said he was.

Human languages at a given time sciarrino sei capricci common characteristics. Debussy is more Symbolist to me.


You have cymbals and harp: The origin is the idea of a pure musical language, from the late 19th century. I want to sciarrino sei capricci music and enjoy everything.

No art should be forbidden. Why does it have to be forbidden to connect things? Is that why you write sciarrino sei capricci, because it connects with other art forms?

For me, theater is the most social art.

Salvatore Sciarrino - Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliure

Sciarrino sei capricci the art forms come together, but the main thing is that we are following a story. Of course, musicians and music lovers can follow the form of a piece, which is similar. Musicians often say that: I agree with you.

Why do you think musicians say that? We want to separate music from reality and the other arts. When I taught, I was teaching how to connect. sciarrino sei capricci

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But connection is the miracle of language. When we hear a piece for the first time, it gets imprinted on us sciarrino sei capricci some way, but the next times are always different—there are infinite variations.

It always brings us something new. We need to be open for that to happen, however.

Sei capricci: V. Presto

For example, every coffee shop or restaurant has music. Our words are in the foreground, and silence, sciarrino sei capricci me, is the further dimension. If we hear a loud car, we can still understand each other, even without hearing every part of every word.

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