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PROGRAM prevod | srpsko - engleski rečnik

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A war 18ended in disaster, but the Balkan Wars —won most of the disputed areas for Greece. In a srpsko engleski recnik of internal conflict from two monarchs were deposed, and there was a republic —2when srpsko engleski recnik military coup restored George II, who in the following year established a dictatorship under Joannis Metaxas.

An Italian invasion 19was successfully resisted, but an intensive attack by Germany 19overwhelmed the Greeks.

During the German occupation of Greece —4a communist-dominated resistance movement armed and trained a guerrilla army, and after World War II the National Liberation Front, as it was called, wanted to create a socialist state. If the Greek royalist army had not had massive assistance from the US, srpsko engleski recnik the provisions of the Truman Doctrine, this undoubtedly would have happened.

A civil war —ended when the royalists defeated the communists. The monarchy was reestablished under King Paul, who was succeeded by his son Constantine Dissatisfaction with the government and conflicts between the king and his ministers resulted in a coup replacing srpsko engleski recnik monarchy with a new regime, which, despite its democratic pretensions, was little more than a military dictatorship, with Col Srpsko engleski recnik Papadopoulos as its head.

All political activity was banned, and opponents of the government were forced out of public life. In 19Greece declared itself a republic, and Papadopoulos became president.

Grčka prevod | srpsko - engleski rečnik

A civilian cabinet was appointed, but before the year was out another coup brought Lt Gen Phaidon Ghizikis to the presidency, with Adamantios Androutsopoulos as prime minister.

A line of srpsko engleski recnik arranged by police for inspection or identification. The people or things planned for an event are the lineup. An announcement of the events that will occur as part of a theatrical or sporting event; SYN.

Srpsko engleski rečnik. (Book, ) []

A performance or series of performances at a public presentation; SYN. A television show scheme [ imenica srpsko engleski recnik ETYM Latin schema a rhetorical figure, a shape, figure, manner, Greek skema, form, shape, outline, plan, from echein to have or hold; cf.


An elaborate and systematic plan of action; SYN.