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We're experiencing something weird. Smaragda turned and jogged toward the man.

Niklo cut her off. Smaragda wrinkled her nose, not wanting to expose any of her men to danger while she was busy on the blower back to Olympus.

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Even so, she was the one in charge and she was the one whose opinion and authority mattered. This was a chain-of-command decision. No one styxx free epub outlander in the line of fire of the other and each had a designated vector to scan and search. Everyone knelt, making themselves smaller targets and bringing their knee and thigh armorup to their chests to bolster the protection of their vital organs against incoming fire.


Something is jamming us. It's predark technology, solid-state and can cut through any interference like a knife through mud. A knocked-out radio should only receive static, white noise, the pop and crackle of random frequencies and the hiss of electromagnetic radiation pouring off the sun onto the surface styxx free epub outlander the Earth.

A jammed radio should not be singing in unholy but beautiful tones. She couldn't bear to listen to the styxx free epub outlander signal for more than a few seconds before handing the radio back to Tan.

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He didn't seem to be in a hurry to put it back to his ear, either. She tried the helmet comm.

But even without understanding the words, Smaragda knew it spoke to something that did not belong on Earth. What was styxx free epub outlander, sheknewsomething was listening and somewhere, beyond the veil of her senses, it was struggling to respond.

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We're heading back to the boat. So much for a mission of peace and mercy. Smaragdadidn't like the idea of sending off her soldiers to styxx free epub outlander their teammates under orders to kill any strangers. However the singing and the odd behavior of the wildlife around them added up to this road being nothing less than a murder trap.

And she'd led her platoon right into it.


Karlo and Rosa jogged up the road to where Herc, the scout, had called back about movement. Niklo had only been out of radio contact for a minute, but it felt like a lifetime.