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Interesting JavaScript and CSS Libraries

JavaScript and CSS Libraries

Our aim is to keep you up to date with the latest and coolest trends in web development. And for this purpose I packed with some of the hottest open-source javascript and css libraries from GitHub. It includes a touch gestures library, a powerful address picker, and loads of other useful tools! JavaScript …

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Top Useful CSS Snippets – Every Designer Should Know

With so many new trends advancing every year it can be difficult keeping up with the industry. Website designers and frontend developers have been deeply ingrained into the newer CSS3 properties, determining the ultimate browser support and quirky hacks. But there are also brilliant CSS2 code snippets which have been …

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Media Queries for Standard Devices


A major component of responsive design is creating the right experience for the right device. With a gazillion different devices on the market, this can be a tall task. We’ve rounded up media queries that can be used to target designs for many standard and popular devices that is certainly …

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Prevent the browser cache for modified files

Browser cache is very useful when users download the same CSS and JS files multiple times. Some browsers, however, use the old CSS and JS files from the cache, even though they have been updated. This may lead to unpleasant situations, when the pages are displayed to the user with …

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Crate Analog Clock using CSS3 only without image


Analog clock without images? yes, Today we are going to create analog clock using CSS3, Javascript and no images. It seems little bit difficult but we will do it easily. all 3 sticks, center point, circle, hours and minute indicates are designed using css. So lets see how we can do this: …

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CSS Buttons with Nice Hover Effects


Looking for styles to change your old glossy buttons with modern day flat designs and 3d buttons ? You have come to the right place as I am listing here some nice CSS Buttons examples. Smooth Toggle Buttons A toggle buttons in pure css from codepen user. View Demo Download …

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