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PHP – Capture screenshot of website from URL

Lets see how to grab screen shot from given URL using PHP curl. There are several website provide API for capture website screenshot image using their API Secret and Key. Here we are using screenshotmachine.com website API. Screenshotmachine.com provide very simple way to user their API. If you haven’t account …

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Awesome PHP Libraries

PHP Libraries

PHP language, released in 1995 and now its a top trending and popular language. But this doesn’t stop it from still being one of the most popular languages out there, and the first choice of many back-end developers. Here are our picks for the 20 most useful and interesting open-source …

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Create Dynamic Subdomains using PHP and Htaccess

Subdomain and Mandomain

Dynamic subdomains like Google Blogger and Tumblr.com, I know the vast majority of the general population are searching for better arrangement. Today I need to disclose how to accomplish this utilizing .htaccess with PHP. I particularly love to compose .htaccess record, utilizing this you can without much of a stretch …

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How to make your own PHP framework?


Building your own framework can be useful for the following reasons: You can learn a lot – advanced design patterns, concepts and software architecture You know exactly what certain parts of your code does without learning from the documentation of others However on the PHP market there are a lot …

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What is a PHP framework – Which one is best?


Framework is a tool to help you develop applications faster and better. It is a reusable set of libraries and/or classes. They usually define default folder structure of a project. There are many existing, well established and secure open source frameworks with large communities behind them. Rather than reinventing the …

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12 Reasons to Choose PHP for Developing Website in 2015


The Internet industry has been revolutionizing numerous technologies for the betterment. Most web developers choose PHP to design their own website. The main reason is it is an open-source server-side scripting language that provides multifarious features.  It is also an interpreted script language best suited for developing websites as per …

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Node.js Vs PHP – Which is Best?

php vs nodejs

Node.js Vs PHP – Technology is continually changing and so is the people’s choice of working on different technologies. PHP and Node.js are two technologies that are now in vogue among the programming community. Both are primarily used in web development and are open source. Given their similarities, it would …

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Event Loop in PHP

php event loop

PHP developers are always waiting for something. Sometimes we’re waiting for requests to remote services. Sometimes we’re waiting for databases to return rows from a complex query. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do other things during all that waiting? If you’ve written some JS, you’re probably familiar with …

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