Working club DJs face many of the same music diversity This might feel a bit simplistic, but at the moment, it's a pretty good guide. Starting. A DJ's Guide To Hanging Out In Amsterdam. As the wheel of ADE starts . King of the Clubs: Amsterdam or London? As our heads readjust. INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club. Fri, 12 Oct 60 attending . Rhythm Control Barcelona Night: TR + DJ Bruce Lee at Moog Club. T  Thu, Oct 4.


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But even within subgenres and unique club nightsfew selectors can deny the power that a classic, time-tested record can deliver on any dance floor. Always keep a folder of classic or recurrent club the club dj guide ready.


House music will often require looking through older tracklists and trainspotting records from your favorite selectors. This might work in a variety of settings, but I look back on these times with a bit of ambivalence.

Drawing the line between accessibility and tastefulness is no easy task. It really can depend the club dj guide the venue — but for most clubs that edge towards mainstream, your new finds may go unnoticed entirely. The group of bridesmaids who order bottle service at your Saturday night residency probably do not the club dj guide about your exclusive new jams.

A Club DJ’s Guide to Spinning at Weddings

They probably just want to hear Ja Rule, and there is nothing wrong with that. Be versatile, and do not fear catering to an audience.

  • Common Mobile DJ Gigs + The Music That Works Best (A Starting Guide) - DJ TechTools
  • Introduction

It is not necessarily to the benefit of a new DJ to publicize all the details of their journey online. Putting every aspect of your business on social media generally looks very unprofessional. Most successful DJs use the club dj guide platforms to connect with audiences and promote their reputation as an artist.

A Club DJ's Guide to Spinning at Weddings |Mixcity Blog Mixcity Blog

Your fans and friends will grow tired of hyperbole read more on this here: Craft a brand based on a real, content-creating entity. Use social media to the club dj guide it. It is entirely reasonable for new selectors to start on budget controllers that may offer financial advantages.

That said, club DJs should seriously consider how their choice of gear will impact their ability to play at certain venues.

5 Mistakes New Club DJs Make (And How To Avoid Them) - DJ TechTools

Not every venue has space for the club dj guide gear or large controllers. From my experience, there tend to be standards that exist within various club gigs, classed by genre. New DJs would be wise to be ready to work around the standard tech rider of their niche as quickly as possible.


Having to switch DJ hardware can be a gigantic pain in a nightlife environment. Consider this a great starting point — but no blog article will ever tell you everything you need to know about what music to play at mobile gigs.

Naturally, some clients might have specific preferences someone may the club dj guide more rap, more country, more rock, more oldies than other styles, or differ because of age.

Beyond those preferences, most of these events feel pretty much the same: Moving on to more niche gigs. With niche events, DJs generally only need songs per category to cover the bases.

With that, below are suggestions for different types of unique mobile DJ gigs: Colleges and Universities Photo credit: Let me break them down. These schools are great to gig at because you can hit every end of the music spectrum and the students are generally grateful for the good time the club dj guide good music.

Do not walk in unprepared.