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Upgrade PHP 5.X To PHP 7 (Cheat Sheet)

Upgrade PHP 5.X To PHP 7

On the off chance that you are a normal to the Cloudways blog, you should be realizing that after rehashed t2rials and mistakes, PHP 7 was incorporated inside of the cloud stage. You should be very much aware that PHP 7 is the following enormous thing as far as programming dialects. It is twice as quick from the past renditions, and more strong when contrasted with its ancestors.

A great deal of our clients have tolled in and gotten some information about having issues in redesigning their sites to the most recent variant of PHP. I am going to impart to you how you can update your site to PHP 7. In any case, before that, I might want to convey to consideration a few focuses with respect to the move up to ensure that every one of your bases are secured.

This post will cover the most imperative things to beware of your site before moving up to PHP 7 from PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.6. How about we begin:

Deprecated Features

The principal thing to remember while moving up to PHP 7 is to ensure that you are not utilizing any of the censured strategies or expansions. Probably the most ordinarily utilized strategies and augmentations are:

Constructors With Name Same as Class

PHP 4 style constructors are presently belittled, i.e., if your class has a constructor having the same name as your class name, then it is currently censured in PHP 7. Be that as it may, in the event that you have made your constructor with __construct(), then it will be unaffected.


How to Fix It

The easiest way to fix this is to change all the constructor names to function __constructor(). And all the things will remain same.

Change in Password_hash() Function

If you are using PHP password_hash() method with custom salt to encrypt passwords in your site, than you need to remove custom salt since salt options has been deprecated in PHP 7. You need to use password_hash() without salt options. And if you are using password_hash() without salt options, than you don’t have to worry about it.


How to Fix It

For all the new users, you should start using password_hash() without salt options. All your old passwords can still be decrypted by using password_verify() .

Calling Static Methods

The methods which are not declared as static and are called as a static method is now deprecated. Only those functions which are declared as static can be called as static methods.


How to Fix It

For all the functions which you are calling as static methods, you can declare them as static by addingstatic before the functions leaving the rest of the code as it is.

Using MySQL_ To Handle Database Queries

If you are still using mysql_ to connect to your database and handle your database queries, than you should move to mysqli_ or PDO to handle your database queries since mysql_ is fully deprecated in PHP 7. If you continue using, then you will get the following error: Call To Undefined Function.


When you have signed up to the new and improved Managed PHP Hosting with Cloudways using the PHP 7, you need to be sure that your website is also compatible with the latest PHP version. To achieve that compatibility, you need to keep the above mentioned key points in your mind while you are upgrading your site to PHP 7. You can check out more information about it here. I would say that you also checkout the.

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