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Useful Websites To Find A Great Code

We know all the developers like to write their own code while developing something. The code of their own imagination and techniques. But sometimes when we get stuck while writing the code they need help from Internet.

Here is a list of some best websites which will help any developer to find a great code for his programming.

1) CodeGuru [ www.codeguru.com ]

CodeGuru is totally free website to get all kinds of codes. The entire website is divided into 3 main parts: Visual C++ / C++, .NET/ C#, and Visual Basic. You can find thousands of articles and thousands of pieces of code that you can download, look at, modify, play with, and use – for free. There is an additional feature on this website that it has Windows Development Center where you can find information on building apps for Windows PCs, tablets and Windows Phone. No registration is required to get the code.

2) The Free Country [ www.thefreecountry.com ]

As the name suggests this website is totally free for all the webmasters and programmers. Here you will find all the free stuffs like source code and programming libraries, language compilers, interpreters, tutorials, references, debuggers, compiler construction kits, 3D engines, animation, programmers’ editors, programmers’ tools, database libraries, ODBC drivers, SQL servers, and many more. Navigation is also too easy to use the website for what you want.

3) Hot Scripts [ www.hotscripts.com ]

HotScripts.com contains a large Internet directory that compiles Web Programming. It has more than 40,000 resources listed over 1000 Categories. The whole website is divided into 16 main categories: Ajax, ASP, ASP.NET, C and C++, CFML, CGI and Perl, Flash, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Remotely Hosted, Ruby on Rails, Tools and Utilities, Web Hosting, and XML. This website acts as one of the best centralized collection of high quality programming information and resources for programmers.

4) Script Dungeon [ www.scriptdungeon.com ]

Script dungeon is a free directory offering hundreds of free scripts, tools, and utilities. Website mainly targets towards web developers, network administrators, and home users who are looking for some nifty little scripts to enhance their applications. You can download and browse the any code without any authentication. Website navigation is very clear, the resources are divided into 4 main categories – Free ASP Scripts, Free PHP Scripts, Free Java Scripts, and Free Tools & Utilities.

5) CGI Resource Index [ cgi.resourceindex.com ]

In this website each and every script is explained – you will know exactly what it does. It contains a free directory containing over 2,700 programs and CGI scripts written in Perl, C, C++, and other languages. You can also find documentation, books, and a programmers section where you can find freelance programmers and companies that would be happy to work on your projects. On the other hand, if you are a CGI programmer, you may be interested in checking out the Jobs section with job listings for CGI programmers.

6) PHP Resource Index  [ php.resourceindex.com ]

This is a free directory offering over 3,600 free PHP scripts and over 300 functions and classes. The PHP scripts are ready-to-use PHP programs, while the functions and classes are not complete scripts, but code pieces that can aid in application development. You will need to become a member in order to download the code. The site additionally lists code repositories that you can also search for code samples, PHP scripts and classes.

7) Dynamic Drive [ www.dynamicdrive.com ]

If you are finding free DHTML and Javascripts to enhance your website Dynamic Drive is the best place on the Internet. Though the website seems to be a bit complicated, but it is well structured. There are different categories such as: Calendars, Date & Time, Document Effects, Dynamic Content, Form Effects, Games, Image Effects, Links & Tooltips, Menus & Navigation, Mouse and Cursor, Scrollers, Text Animations, User/System Preference, Window and Frames, XML and RSS, and Other. Below the main categories, you will find a list of updates scripts – looks like this site really keeps track of all changes. All the scripts have a short description and install guide.

8) Fat Scripts [ www.fatscripts.com ]

Over 40.000 scripts are organized into following categories: ASP, ASP.NET, C and C++, Cold Fusion, Flash, Java, Javascript, Perl and CGI, PHP, Python, Remote, Tools, and XML. Some of the scripts and tools come at a price (you can still download a free trial).

9) Open Source Scripts [ www.opensourcescripts.com ]

As the name suggests this website catalogs useful free, open source software and scripts. No need for registration for using the scripts. All the scripts are organized into 12 categories – ASP, ASP.NET, C & C++, Delphy and Kylix, Java, Javascript, CGI and Perl, PHP, Python, Unix Shell, Visual Basic, Tools and services.

10) JavaScript Kit [ www.javascriptkit.com ]

One of the main appeals of this website is that there is no need to register – getting the scripts is as simple as following the links. Each script is explained, and the code is posted for you to copy paste. The website has a clean design and all the resources are organized in 8 main categories: Free JavaScripts, JavaScript Tutorials, DHTML Tutorials, Web Design Tutorials, JavaScript Reference, DOM Reference, IE Filters/ Transitions Reference, and Free Java Applets.

11) The Script Library [ www.thescriptlibrary.com ]

This website is considered a central location for free scripts written in many languages, including Powershell, VBScript, Javascript, Perl, Python and others.  Over 10,000 free scripts, mainly in the Jscript, Perl, Powershell, Python, and VBscript categories. You can also use the search engine built into the website. Getting the code is very simple, no authentication and no registering required. You simply follow the links and get the free code.

12) JavaFile [ www.javafile.com ]

One of the best websites offering free Java scripts and applets. Downloading and installing is easy. You don’t need to know how to code! You just need to download the script or applet, add it to your HTML, and edit it to suit your needs.

13) JavaScript Source [ www.javascriptsource.com ]

All scripts are classified into descriptive categories like tutorials, CSS, forms, games, multimedia and so on. To find the scripts that you need, just select the appropriate category and browse available JavaScripts. Also, you can use the website’s search engine to find the scripts that you are looking for, and the JavaScript Forum to post script requests.

14) FrontPage 2002 [ www.frontpage2002.com ]

Here is a very straightforward website. All the available scripts on one web page. You can search through them to find what you need. No registration is needed; you simply need to click the link to get the code. Every script has a detailed description and directions for using it on your web pages.

15) Perl Scripts, JavaScripts [ www.perlscriptsjavascripts.com ]

This is another very simple website. When you arrive, you see all the available scripts under two categories:

  • Perl Scripts – compatible with Mac, Windows IIS 4 & 5, Linux, Unix, Sun and FreeBSD servers
  • JavaScripts – All scripts are tested with Firefox, Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape Navigator 4+, Opera 5+ on Macintosh OSX and Windows XP

Downloading the scripts is easy. However, before you download, you will be asked for your name, email address, used Operating System. After you fill in the data and click “I agree to your terms of use”, your download will begin.

16) Zubrag [ www.zubrag.com ]

Zubrag is a small website offering a couple of free PHP scripts. All the scripts are listed on two pages. For every available script, there is a detailed description and a guide to download and install it. The user does not have a navigation tree or a search engine to search for scripts.

17) Code Project [ www.codeproject.com ]

Code Project is a community of programmers joined together on a mission to teach, learn and share their knowledge, source code and tutorials with their fellow developers for free. The website provides helpful resources from beginner’s tutorials, helpful articles on all-things-programming, discussion boards for getting answers to your questions from seasoned coders, to the weekly newsletter.

18) CodeToad [ www.codetoad.com ]

This website provides free code samples, in-depth tutorials, and loads of useful resources. The various categories are: ASP, ASP.Net, C++/C#, DHTML, HTML, Java, Javascript, Perl, VB, and XML. The website is entirely free to use; no registration required and no hidden fees applied. You can share your opinion or ask for help.

19) Planet Source Code  [ www.planet-source-code.com ]

This website features over 13,000,000 lines of code and articles and tutorials in 11 languages. They also maintain a job section with more than 1,700 open job postings. All the resources are organized in 10 main categories – Visual Basic, Java / Javascript, C / C++, ASP / VbScript, SQL, Perl, Delphi, PHP, Cold Fusion, and.Net. This is one of the largest public source code, databases on the Internet. No registration needed, simply go and grab the code you want.

20) SourceCodeOnline [ www.sourcecodeonline.com ]

This website comprises a collection of free source code and scripts to download. It is a very comprehensive code directory, but resources are very well classified in broad categories and subcategories which makes finding the scripts and source code pretty easy. Examples of broad code categories include ASP, C/C++, Delfi, CFML, Flash, HTML, PHP, etc.  You can quickly access the new and top code from the main navigation menu at the top, and also submit your own code for review and listing.

21) Free Ajax Scripts [ freeajaxscripts.net ]

Freeajaxscripts.net offers a nice collection of free Ajax scripts and code examples for everyone to use. It features a nice embedded Google search engine, providing means for targeted searches. You don’t need to register to download the free scripts; you can browse, search, and download anonymously. Although it does not feature hundreds of resources, this website does its best to offer you only high quality code.

22) The VB Zone [ www.thevbzone.com ]

This is an extensive Visual Basic programming resource for beginners and experts alike. The VB Zone provides sample code and projects, free downloads, how-to programming lessons, tips and tricks, as well as other related programming resources. There are also programming discussion forums and chat rooms.

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