Getting started is very easy. You just need some coins and a ‘wallet’ to keep them in. There are even some great services available that provide both of those things in the same place. For the moment Bitcoin is the ‘industry leader’ by a long way, with many more users, a lot more different services for those users to take advantage of, and a lot more places to spend your money. In the coming months I will be adding a new section entitled ‘Which Digital Currency?’ to provide a comparison of the main alternatives, so if you fancy meandering a bit further from the beaten track to pick your currency from a free market of options, each with their own unique features and advantages, then please do check back soon.

For now, most people making the switch from national fiat money for the first time will want to get started with Bitcoin. By far the easiest way to do so is with a service called ‘Coinbase’, which provides a convenient and secure wallet to store your coins as well as an exchange where you can buy and sell them in the USA and most of Europe. They may require ID to actually buy bitcoins – if you prefer to avoid this check out our article on buying Bitcoins without ID. Follow the link below to get started!

Get Started with Bitcoin using Coinbase!!


Buy Bitcoins anywhere in the world using LocalBitcoins

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