Kenneth S. Wuest. A wealth of information on most of the Greek New Testamentall in non-technical language! This readers companion series clarifies many of the English words that do not fully capture the meaning of original Greek words. Wuest's commentaries and studies clarify many of the English words that do not fully capture the meaning of original Greek words. The topical word studies. Wuest Word Studies are the collected commentary and articles written on the Greek New Testament by Dr. Kenneth Wuest that offer the Bible student who is not.


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Intended as a companion to, or commentary on the standard translations, Wuest's expanded translation follows the Greek word order and reflects wuest word studies and contrasts indicated by the original text.

It is wuest word studies that this expanded translation will give the reader a clearer understanding of certain words used in previous translations.

Wuest's Word Studies, and Wuest's Expanded NT - Logos Bible Software

Some of these words are not the translation of the Greek word but its transliteration. Therefore, the translation here given renders the famous phrase thus: Wuest word studies being able to reference his commentary, one is able to see WHY he chose to translate as he has.

It has already proved helpful in unlocking the richness of NT Greek. Since I did not plan to learn Greek, I am hoping these wuest word studies will give me edification where I need it.

I have personally used these studies for many years and found them extremely helpful in understanding the New Testament so helpful that I have a copy on eSword as well as a well worn copy beside my bed. The only disappointing feature is that they wuest word studies not cover the whole of the New Testament.

Wuest’s Word Studies in the Greek New Testament - Logos Bible Software

If you buy remember that like any other work of man it must be checked thoroughly and not accepted blindly. Be like the Berean Christians and search wuest word studies Scriptures daily to see if these things are so.


I live in China where the availability of products for one to study the word of God is VERY wuest word studies, as always I find the sources for e-sword to be of the greatest importance.

If you're reading this comment please think about how fortunate you may be to live in a country where you can access the word of God without restrictions. I highly recommend this extra wuest word studies.

Kenneth S. Wuest | LibraryThing

This is a very valuable resource. I recommend it to anyone willing to really know what the Bible says. I consider the price a bargain, and I have used my e-Sword software extensively for about 3 years. It will wuest word studies main source for preparing my NT study materials.

Wuest's Word Studies, and Wuest's Expanded NT

Thanks for making it available. There are so many words in English that do not adequately convey the original meanings and also wuest word studies tenses in the Greek can dramatically shift our thinking on theological interpretations. I highly recommend this tool for anyone wanting to really study and "rightly divide" the Wuest word studies.

Mr Wuest comments are a bobby dazzler.


Some deffinitions of words cover paragraphs. No milk and water here cobber!. Make sure you have a good set of teeth o chew this meat.

  • - Wuest Word Studies for e-Sword
  • Wuest’s Word Studies in the Greek New Testament
  • Kenneth S. Wuest (1893–1962)
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A little beauty i will end by saying. An Expanded Translation are two resources that every Bible student should consider, especially if not skilled in Greek. For example, John Wuest clarifies those words for the reader and the passage comes alive.

Do you consider me more precious and thus love me more than these? He says to Him, Yes, Lord, wuest word studies for you, you know positively that I have an wuest word studies fondness for you. He says to him, Be feeding my little lambs.